Pokemon creators appear on more interviews

posted by Arty2 on Tuesday, 2009-03-31 11:25 (GMT+03:00)

Pokémon Platinum creators Junichi Masuda and Takeshi Kawachimaru have had a few more interviews discussing the latest incarnation of the series and the Pokémon franchise in general. The designers explain why the series continues its success after so many years and make clear that they don't consider making an RPG for Wii, neither an MMO for now because Pokémon are suited for handhelds. Check the interviews on IGN, Gamesradar, 1UP, Gamepro and WhatTheyPlay.

For one last interesting read, check out MTV's interview with Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo's Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, titled Nintendo On How To Fend Off Pokemon Fatigue.

Finally, if you like in the United Kingdom, make sure to attend one of the Shaymin events between April 4th and 18th.

Also according to official nintendo.gr forums we shall soon know all the details on Shaymin events in Greece.

Pokemon Platinum craze hits North America! - Nintendo sues all Pokemon websites!

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