Lock Capsule event via GTS!

posted by Arty2 on Thursday, 2010-04-01 20:02 (GMT+03:00)

April Slowpoke

Breaking news: In a completely unexpected move, the official japanese website, announced that all players of HG/SS will be able to obtain the elusive Lock Capsule via GTS, simply by uploading a Slowpoke nicknamed Movie13, looking in return for another random Slowpoke. Once the system notices the trade, a blue level 30 Slowpoke will be sent back to the trainer, holding the Lock Capsule. The event will run concurrently for all regions, April 1st to 3rd.

According to the news release, the Lock Capsule obtained via this event, can be transfered to the upcoming Generation 5 games, allowing the player to capture the notorious Zoroark!

Obviously the above news post was a prank, shiny Slowpokes are not blue; Happy April Fool's Day everyone! Keep up uploading Movie13 Slowpokes on GTS to celebrate the day!

Source: Pokemon.co.jp

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