Zorua and Zoroark

posted by NM2 on Tuesday, 2010-12-07 01:50 (GMT+03:00)

It's been only two weeks since the names of the Generation V starter Pokémon were revealed and now it's time for Zorua and Zoroark to join the group of officially revealed Pokémon. The Pokémon Black & White website was updated with the details of the two Pokémon which, as expected, retain their japanese names. So, what we have now is Zorua, the Tricky Fox Pokémon, and Zoroark, the Illusion Fox Pokémon, both of them are pure Dark-type, have the Illusion ability and can learn the moves Foul Play and Hone Claws (what had been known as Trickery and Claw Sharpen respectively up to now).

Zorua and Zoroark bring the total of Generation V Pokémon revealed outside of Japan to 7, following Reshiram, Zekrom, Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott.

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Tristen sky smi @ 31/12/2011, 05:51:53 am

O um well legends well kinda if you seen the moves you'd know that there is well like only 3 or 2 sorus and they do talk and about only 1 or 2 ok so not no and kinda yes ok

Tristen sky smi @ 31/12/2011, 05:48:20 am

Iv seen 1 in a huancayo form in pokemon black if you won't a hint here the Poole on is in a human form a girl talking to a boy the girl will gig and also say this is such a big city even I can get lost in it ok that is what it says or something like it talk to her and the pokemon will be added to your pokedex I'll say when I get her in a battle ok iv been busy ish I'm only 11 about to be 12 I bet the game in 3 days hehehe I'm good been playing pokemon games senc I was 5 or 4 ok I'll tell you all soon ok

josediaz @ 24/08/2011, 01:03:06 am

can you a pokemon that has ever abilty and make it a event for pokemon white and black and you can use to on a boat and cacth it but team plasma trys to stop you and the pokemon name can be datombug from:josediaz

gordy117 @ 30/03/2011, 07:57:34 am

are they considered a legendary

Pokemon1135 @ 25/02/2011, 04:16:53 am

I wish they were real…now THAT would be epic.Black and White.I need it!!!

ZekromThunder @ 22/12/2010, 03:41:25 am

Oh, now I understand. Thank you for clearing that up for me. -ZekromThunder

Arty2 @ 20/12/2010, 10:49:40 am

This isn't a blog, it's a website and community. We also prefer posting the scarce headline-news the franchise gets at this moment on our twitter as there's isn't much to elaborate on (check the main page).

ZekromThunder @ 18/12/2010, 04:37:42 pm

Does this blog get like two posts a month?

Brandan @ 15/12/2010, 05:08:16 am

I don't like these Pokemon… I've been watching some YouTube videos with gameplay footage of Black and White versions, and love how the game looks and think the game adventure has a new kick to it. But I DO NOT like any of these new Pokemon, maybe the white legendary (that you get in Black Version), but still not that great. Looking forward to putting some of my good Pokemon from Pearl on to Black.

TerrificTepig @ 08/12/2010, 12:40:45 am

anyone who loves TEPIG SAY FIREPIGGY!!!

OverwhelmingOshawott @ 07/12/2010, 02:09:32 am


MijumaruMan @ 07/12/2010, 02:07:38 am

OMG AWESOME!!!!!!! Im loookiinnggg forward to Pokketamonsta! Blakoo! Hoite! (japanese for pkoemon black whit ((I dont know how its rilly spelled but that is wut it sounds like (((LOLZ!!!))) )) ) Im gonna get oshawott he rules so im changing My username from MijumaruMan to OverwhelmingOshawott!!!

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