Shiny Beasts via WiFi and Celebi real life events.

posted by Arty2 on Tuesday, 2011-01-11 17:46 (GMT+03:00)
  • Raikou 07/02/2011 ~ 13/02/2011
  • Entei 14/02/2011 ~ 20/02/2011
  • Suicune 21/02/2011 ~ 27/02/2011
  • Celebito be announced

According to the official Greek website of Nintendo, the legendary trio: Entei, Raikou and Suicune, shall be available to Pokémon HeartGold, SoulSilver, Platinum, Diamond and Pearl Version games via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, starting on February 7th, in Europe at least. These shiny beasts, allow you to capture Zoroark in the upcoming Pokémon Black and White.

European players will also get the chance to obtain Celebi in real life events though additional details are lacking. This particular Celebi not only triggers events in the game's storyline, but allows you to capture Zorua, in the upcoming Pokémon Black and White.

Last but not least, here follow images of the DSi bundles to be available:

Source: Nintendo.gr

Europe gets BW before America! - The Legendary Newsroom project.

RushForest @ 13/02/2011, 07:28:36 pm

WHOO LEG. BEASTS AND CELEBI!!! I like Zorua and Zoroark too :3 You know, you can get a Celebi in Diamond/Pearl/Platnium by getting all the Unown (even ! and ?) then going down to the bottom chamber of the cave, reading the inscription twice, and killing 100 Unown. Celebi appears at level 20-ish. BUT A FREE ONE IS COOL TOO!!! ☺

celebifan378 @ 03/02/2011, 03:42:09 pm

where are the celebi events held in ipswich suffolk

macross @ 16/01/2011, 06:27:49 am

Ah, come on - Celebi for UK only? Bleh.

Tin-tin @ 11/01/2011, 09:08:45 pm

Aw yeah—let's battle …….!

(The trend toward cross-game and cross-generation promotions is really annoying, though—once I transfer that Celebi to White, I'll never be able to………)

Edit: Please watch out for spoilers!

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