15th Pokemon Movie confirmed

posted by NM2 on Wednesday, 2011-11-30 11:15 (GMT+03:00)

A new japanese advertisement about some Nintendo DS styli has confirmed that the 15th Pokémon movie will feature Kyurem and the Musketeer trio, Virizion, Terrakion and Cobalion. Along with them, a new, unknown Pokémon will be revealed in the movie. Judging by the rest of the protagonists, Keldeo seems the most likely possibility. Of course, Pokémon may also continue the trend of the 4th generation and give a new form to one of the already existing Pokémon (most likely Kyurem), remember that Shaymin's Sky Form was also presented as a new Pokémon. These are all speculations though, it won't be that long until we find out what that mystery Pokémon is!

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songohan @ 08/12/2011, 03:47:44 pm

Rocky505 @ 07/12/2011, 01:19:35 pm

Genesect won't be out for another 2 and a half years.

LazyWolfB (YouTube) @ 02/12/2011, 11:41:37 pm

When is Genesect going to be avaliable? Any ideas?

Sami @ 02/12/2011, 01:57:14 am

I sure hope u r right because I would love to see an alternate form for keldo maybe he will fly!

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