Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 PV

posted by NM2 on Thursday, 2012-05-17 01:36 (GMT+03:00)

You may have already seen this B2/W2 promotional video floating around after being leaked yesterday, however it was "officially" revealed just moments ago so here it is. The video basically confirms the return of N, Team Plasma and the Shadow Triad in B2/W2 while it also shows Bianca and Cheren in their new roles. Elesa seems to be making a return as well, with a dark hair and a new outfit, probably as a Gym Leader again. This is by far the most exciting Pokémon-related video we've ever seen, it get the job of getting us hyped perfectly done!

B2W2 English Boxart - Aspertia City - Two new B2W2 trailers

jocova @ 02/09/2012, 01:54:29 pm

N is not the enemy anymore here its his sidekick in the first version
and they have a good looking ship
and i am not joking i downloaded the game halve english halve japanese

blobber @ 02/07/2012, 08:41:00 am

pokemon special yellow edition was the best pokemon game in history

Snivy 3 @ 29/05/2012, 11:27:44 pm

It doesn't confirm N, that is from the end of black and white

Pokefan @ 29/05/2012, 12:03:19 am


GrandShadow @ 26/05/2012, 05:26:25 pm

AWESOME, and N is still the enemy. Amazing Video, japan knows how to make a spark.

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