Genesect Wi-Fi event

posted by NM2 on Saturday, 2012-09-08 11:34 (GMT+03:00)

Genesect event

As seen in an ad on GameSpot, a Wi-Fi distribution of Genesect has been announced for North American Black 2 and White 2 games. The distribution will start on October 7th, the release date of B2/W2 in North America and will last till November 12th. Like its Japanese counterpart, it will most likely come with the moves Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, SolarBeam and Signal Beam.

So Genesect seems like the equivalent of Victini in B2/W2, an event Pokémon distributed right after the game's release as an incentive to buy the game early. Nice move by Nintendo!

Update: The event has been confirmed for European games as well, starting on October 12th, the release date of B2/W2 in Europe.

Update: Australia gets Genesect too, starting on October 11th. So every region will get Genesect on the release date of the games in that particular region.

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Pokemon @ 08/01/2013, 07:31:48 am

Can you please make an event for Australia cause I missed out on darkrai. Now it is 2013 and I would like an arceus or mew because it is not fare that Australians don't get hardly any events. This may also be racist that Australia hasn't had any so now I'm dissapointed and hope you consider this comment as a reminder for all Australians in 2013

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