Pokémon World Architecture

The architeture in the world of Pokémon is heavily influenced by the japanese architecture; both traditional and modern. However there are also references from the western world, take Altomare city for example. The game designers included a variety of astonishing buildings: from the Tin Tower pagoda to the high tech Battle Tower megastructure.

In this section, we'll try to provide you with fairly accurate three dimensional representations, in Google Sketchup (make sure to get the latest version) format, of such buildings from the world of Pokémon, inspired either from the videogames or sometimes the animé. The level of detail may vary depending on the artists's choices and/or building. As always, you're free to submit your own works and if they meet our standards, they will added to this collection. Check this section often for updates!

Pokémon Center

Pokemon Center

106kb - Download

Pokémon Mart

Pokemon Mart

72kb - Download

Battle Pyramid

Battle Pyramid

170kB - Download

Trainer Tower


156kB - Download


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