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    This is the Legendary Pokémon Attack Database. It contains all the attacks that exist in Diamond & Pearl versions. You can either search for a specific attack (it doesn't matter if you don't know the exact spelling) or list all the attacks that match your criteria and then click on the move you want to check for more detailed information.

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    • Pw. stands for Power. It is the base power of the attack.
    • Acc. stands for Accuracy %. An accuracy of 0 (shown as -- here) means that it never fails.
    • Eff.% stands for Effect Accuracy %. It is the possibility of the attack's effect happening.
    • Max PP. is the attacks maximum possible PPs.
    • Affects shows whom the attack affects (useful for 2VS2 battles).
    • Speed is a value that determines if an attack hits first or last; the higher the value, the faster the attack hits.
    • Physical Contact determines whether there is physical contact during the attack or not (for abilities like Static or Rough Skin).
    • K.R. stands for King's Rock, it determines whether the attack has the possibility to Flinch the opponent or not.
    • B.P. stands for Bright Powder, it determines whether the attack has the possibility to miss if the opponent is holding Bright Powder.


    This Pokédex is a work in progress and some things may appear wrong or lacking. Feel free to contact us for requests and corrections.

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