#legendary_pokemon chatroom

  • If you don't want to use this java chat, I recommend you download mIRC for any version of Windows or KVIrc if you are a Linux user (KVIrc also comes for Windows).  connect to server: port: 6667 or type /server and then type: /join #legendary_pokemon

Quick tips

  • If you want to change your nickname, type /nick new_nickname
  • If you want to do an action, type /me action
  • If you want to register your name then type: /ns register password e-mail , the e-mail address must be real. You can then identify your nickname using /ns identify password
  • If you want to talk privately to someone, doubleclick his/her nickname and talk in the new window that appears.


  • No swearing.
  • No bullying or harassing others.
  • No flooding.
  • No advertising.
  • No nick stealing.
  • No arguing with ops (better know who you argue with).
  • No caps lock (it looks like you are shouting to others).
  • No sounds (they are annoying).
  • No repeating (there is a tolerance of 5 lines).
  • No voice or op begging.
  • No op impersonating
  • Celine only speaks the truth.
  • Only English and Greek are allowed.
  • No roleplay or overuse of the /me command.
  • If you don't agree with these rules do not come to the chat.

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