Damage Calculator - Basic Edition

Fist of all, this tool is to be used by experienced players that know how the game works; if you don't know how held items or weather effects for example, interact with attacks then you won't be able to benefit from this tool.
This calculator can calculate how many HP the defending Pokémon will loose when attacked by another Pokémon. If you don't know the exact stats of the attacking/defending Pokémon you can use our Stat Calculator and for the Base Power of each attack check our Attacks page.
Note: This calculator cannot accurately calculate the damage caused if:

  • you do not enter the required data correctly.
  • the attack used is not listed below, which means the attack doesn't have a fixed base power.
  • there are weather effects on the field that interact with Pokémon abilities, and attacks.
  • the attacking/defending Pokémon are holding items or have used moves sych as Reflect or Light Screen.

Output format:    average damage    [minimum damage ~ maximum damage]


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