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Events and Mystery Gift

What is an event?

First off, we have to grasp the exact meaning of the word:

(n) event (something that happens at a given place and time)

Princeton University's WordNet

In Pokémon terms, an event is a special promotional happening that allows the player to unlock objects in their games.

Certain rare and frequently, legendary Pokémon, can be described as event-only Pokémon, meaning that they are unavailable through normal gameplay (no, you cannot catch them in the game). These include but are not limited to the elusive: Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Manaphy, Arceus etc.

These Pokémon are periodically available only through real-life, in-store promotions (e.g. at Gamestop for the USA) or via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Once an event is over, they might no longer be available through any other means than trading. You can always learn about announced events in our homepage or the event list at your right.

Why do they have to be so hard to get?

Some Pokémon species are considered particularly rare, thus have to be hard to get, often impossible to get without attending a Pokémon event. They usually have special traits, such as moves they don't normally learn, rare held items and Pokéballs while they often unlock hidden sequences inside the games.

How do I catch them though?

Don't worry if you missed your chance to get one. You should not use a cheating device such as AR either, it just spoils the fun and lacks the charm. The special traits of event Pokémon cannot be replicated with cheatcodes anyway. It's exactly like printing a rock star's autograph from the internet; why would you ever do that?

All hope is not lost however and that's because you can trade these Pokémon from other people. If none of your close friends had the chance to attend an event, then you should find many willing to trade their duplicate rare Pokémon in our forums or chatroom.

The Mystery Gift functionality

Wonder Card screenshot

In Diamond/Pearl, Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver, Mystery Gift is a feature than enables the player to download Wonder Cards which in turn allow the player to receive a gift from the green-clothed delivery man inside a Poké Mart. You can however only store up to three Wonder Cards but old ones can be deleted without consequences. Any Wonder card and thus any event, can only be activated once per game-pak, unless you start a new game.

Mystery Gift is enabled by default in HeartGold/SoulSilver or when attending a real-life event with any game after obtaining the Pokédex. In D/P/Plat however, they have to be unlocked by telling a secret phrase to the producer in Jubilife City's TV-Station. This secret phrase, according to your game's language can be found in the following table. Once activated, Mystery Gift will be available in the start menu.

Secret Phrase

How can I download a Wi-Fi event?

Collecting the gift in a Poké Mart

For starters, you will have to make sure you have enabled Myster Gift and you have properly set up your Nintendo Wi-Fi connection settings, which require physical proximity to a wireless access point. If you don't have one in your home, you may be able to access one in your neighbourhood café or games store. In the USA for example, Gamestop and McDonalds offer free Wi-Fi for Nintendo DS owners.

Once the conditions above are matched, follow the sequence below to download the appropriate Wonder Card. Once you're all done, you can obtain your gift through the delivery man in any Poké Mart.

Downloading a Wi-Fi event:

Start menu screenshot Mistery Gift menu Mystery Gift options Downloading the event gift

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