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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About Pokémon

How can I catch Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, Jirachi, Lugia, Ho-Oh?
You can no longer catch Mew or Celebi in the older versions (Gold/Silver etc.), however through a special trick you can catch Mew in Red/Blue. In the Advanced Generation (Ruby/Sapphire etc.) Mew can be caught in Emerald only by going to a special Nintendo Event, Celebi is given out by special Nintendo Events, Deoxys is available in FireRed/LeafGreen/Emerald only by going to a special Nintendo Event, Jirachi is freely available in the European Version of Pokémon Channel for GameCube, Lugia is freely available in Pokémon XD for GameCube, Ho-oh is freely available in Pokémon Colosseum for GameCube. If there are any special Nintendo Events available we will let you know in our mainpage. In many countries those events are over forever.

About the website

Why did you make that site?
Some years ago I knew very little about Pokémon and my main source of information was The Pokémasters. However, when a bad season came, that site actually became inactive. Then, instead of "moving" to another famous Pokémon site, I decided to find the "source" of all Pokémon information. With time I learnt all the basic sources that provide Pokémon related news and so I decided that other people should also learn first, like I did. So I made this site, in order to give all other people the news I learnt first and share all the experience and knowledge I had. Lately, this website also became a testing field for my newest hobby, web design and PHP programming.
What software was used to make the site?
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 is used for most of the graphics and Programmers Notepad 2 for the XHTML pages, the CSS files and for the various PHP scripts used in the site. All the pages/layouts are coded by hand because WYSIWYG editors don't produce nice websites.
Why is there so much noise about those so called Web Standards?
Like any real language which has a proper syntax and grammar, HTML has its own, and since in real life people try to use proper syntax and grammar in their everyday life, why not use proper syntax and grammar for HTML? Most sites around are poorly written which causes some browsers not to display them correctly and also makes them inaccessible for people with disabilities. This is sad because our philosophy is that everyone has right to access the information provided freely in the Internet. If you want to learn more about Web Standards and accesibility you can visit the W3C and W.A.S.P. websites.
Why haven't I got a reply to the e-mail I sent?
Legendary Pokémon is a fansite and no one is able to be 24/7 online, please allow a maximum of one week to get your reply. Although we reply to most e-mails within 1-2 days.
Why aren't there daily updates?
Because, there are no Pokémon related news every day and because neither my co-workers or me can get all the projects, that we are working on, done in just one day. Besides, there are often other stuff taht keep us busy.
Is there any way I can help?
Just offer your help; where there's will, there are things to be done.
I found an error in your website!
Contact us and it will be corrected as soon as possible.
Why isn't [word] in the site?
Whatever it is, if it concerns Pokémon, is either under construnction or in our future plans. However, we do not plan to cover the Animé and TCG sections in detail.
I want Pokémon ROMs and MP3s and games for my computer!
Well done, but you'll have to find such illegal stuff elsewhere, we're sorry.
Can our sites affiliate?
If you've got some serious proposal feel free to contact us.
Do the people working on Legendary Pokémon have a life?
I don't know, it depends on whether life is sitting at a café like you have nothing to do or doing things that you enjoy, like developing your hobbies or having fun playing with friends.
Any other question:
Feel free to contact us.

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