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Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
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Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
These two chapters will be centered on my two(and only) greatest hits, Rescuers Unite and Johto Jen: Goin' Hoenn. These chapters will not affect the story line at all. They are simply a side event, then the story shall resume as though nothing had happened. This is my early Christmas present to all of you. I say early so it doesn't get closed and I can't work on it. Anyway, the chapters are coming soon

The first will be Johto Jen: Goin' Hoenn

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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
oh!!!yay christmas chapters!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
Side story holiday event 1: Since the current location is in no way suitable for a holiday event, I'm going to change it, because I can do that. Now, this event takes place in the future, though not by much, to after the Hoenn League(not saying who wins, so don't ask). Everyone is at their homes, and the date is December 23. Now, let the event begin:

Chris's house

"Jen, wake up!" Chris shouted.
"Let her sleep a little longer. It's still pretty early." Alena said.
"Fine, but when she does wake up, let her know I'm taking her pokemon out for some training with mine." Chris said. He then got a light winter jacket and headed outside into the frozen yard.
"Two days before Christmas and he's still training. Then again, that's what makes him him." Alena said.

Keshia's house

"Hey mom? Is it alright if I go to a friends house for Christmas?" Keshia asked.
"Why? Don't you want to be with your family?" Keshia's mom asked.
"Well, she lives in Johto, and if I leave now, I'll make it by tomorrow." Keshia said.
"Johto? You mean Jen?" Her mom asked.
"Yeah. So can I go?" Keshia asked.
"Fine, but promise me you'll be back for New Years." Her mom said.
"Yes! Thanks mom, you're the best!" Keshia said, and ran off with her pokemon.
"Very active she is." Her mom said.

Gold's house

"Hey mom, dad? I have this friend in Johto that I've been travelling with. I was wondering if I could visit her on Christmas." Gold asked.
"Which friend is it?" His mom asked.
"Jen." Gold answered.
"Wait, as in the champ's daughter?" His dad asked.
"That's the one." Gold said.
"Well, in that case sure. Try to get me an autograph while you're there." His mom said.
"He doesn't give-sure, I'll ask him. Thanks. If I leave now, I can make it there by Christmas. Bye." Gold said. He colloected his pokemon and ran out the door.
"What did he say about him not giving something?" His mom asked.
"I don't know. I do know that I'm getting his piece of pie though." His dad said.

Crystal's house(some may already know how this is going to go, others might not. For them, read how she left on her journeys the last few times)

"Absolutely not!" Crystal's mom shouted. Crystal had just asked for permission to visit Jen on Christmas, and she wasn't taking it well.
"How could you even ask to leave over the holidays?" Her mom continued.
"Just a visit, and I'll be back before the end of the year." Crystal said.
"No. Now then, help me set the table for breakfast." Her mom said.
"Fine. Where's Keith?" Crystal asked.
"At a friends house." Her mom said. That said, Crystal gave her mom one very angry look.
"He'll be back by tomorrow though." Her mom said.
"Not fair. He's one of the reasons I want to go." Crystal said.
"Enough! Not another word on the subject. Now, I want you to deliver this basket to our neighbor." Her mom said. Crystal took the basket and left, though her mom didn't know she had all her pokemon. In a few minutes, her mom knew that Crystal had gone to the harbor and taken a boat, again.
"She better have delivered the basket." Her mom said.

Rikki's house
I don't have anything for her, not putting her in the event, deal with it(or cheer for those who hate blondes, you know who you are)

Chris's house

After half an hour, Jen woke up and went down stairs.
"Hey mom? Where is Gyarados? Where are the others for that matter?" Jen asked.
"Your father took them outside for some training." Alena answered.
"He does realize I'm not leaving for Sinnoh until next year, right?" Jen asked.
"He knows, but your pokemon are the only ones that have given him a run for his money." Alena said.
"Still, doesn't mean he can just take them when he wants to." Jen said.
"Lighten up. He'll be back shortly." Alena said.
"Yeah, you're right. Say, what's for breakfast?" Jen asked.
After breakfast, Jen grabbed her jacket and went outside to try to find Chris.
"Be back later mom." Jen said.
"Like father like daughter I suppose." Alena said. Jen traveled to the area where her dad always trained, and, sure enough, she found him and her pokemon sparring with his.
"Dad, why did you take my pokemon?" Jen asked.
"Little training, that's all." Chris said.
"How long have you been out here?" Jen asked.
"Not too long." Chris said. Cinder and Umbreon were really going at it, as were Venusour and Gallade. Leafeon was going against Pigdeot, Lapras versus Glaceon, Charizard versus Tyranitar, Gyarados against Luxio, and Jolteon versus Heracross.
"No concern on type machups huh?" Jen asked.
"Nope." Chris replied. A few more minutes went by before Chris called it quits.
"Alright, time to go back to the house." Chris said.
About time too Heracross said.
I might have had the type advantage, but who knows how much longer I would have lasted Tyranitar said.
Dang it, just as I was about to get him too Venusour said.
Not even close Gallade said. They all headed back into the house, greeted by hot chocolate from Alena.
"You all were outside so long, I thought you'd appreciate this." Alena said. And appreciate it they did as they gulped it down quickly. Looking outside, Jen saw movement.
"I wonder if it's that same pokemon that was following me for so long." Jen said.
"What do you mean?" Chris asked.
"I saw something outside, and it might be the same pokemon that started following me in Hoenn." Jen said. Chris went outside and looked around until he saw movement as well. He rushed toward the bushes and saw and Eevee.
"So, you were what we saw." Chris said. He picked up the Eevee and carried it into the house.
"This the same one?" Chris asked.
"The very same." Jen said.
"Well, call me crazy, but I think she likes you." Alena said.
"I know, but she's too young to be this far away from her home, as I have made clear many times." Jen said, mostly to the Eevee.
"Well, let her stay here for a while, and when you leave for Sinnoh, I'll take this little one back to Hoenn." Chris said. The day went by quickly, and Jen enjoyed playing with the hyper little Eevee, as well as her other pokemon.

"Now docking in Johto." Keshia got off the boat and rushed towards Jen's house, only to stop after looking behind her to see two more ships approaching.
"Hoenn and Sinnoh...I really hope it's them." Keshia said. The two ships docked and a crowd of people got off. Amongst the crowd, Keshia managed to spot Gold and Crystal trying to push their way past the crowd. Keshia waited until Gold and Crystal made it through and she eagerly ran towards them.
"So, you guys made it." Keshia said.
"As we planned." Gold said.
"Remember, next year is my house. My mom is on the verge of killing me for ditching her so many times." Crystal said.
"Had to escape, huh?" Keshia asked.
"Of course." Crystal said. Together they made their way to Jen's house, stopping at the front of it to marvel at it's size.
"She never said she lived in a mansion!" Gold said.
"Well, her dad is the champion, and that must make a lot of money." Keshia said.
"Let's go in. I'm freezing." Gold said.
"You wouldn't last long in Snowpiont." Crystal said. Jen was peering out the window and opened the door for them, clearly glad that they had come.
"Merry Christmas...Eve." Keshia said.
"Glad you guys could make it." Jen said.
"So are we. Why didn't you say you lived in a place like this?" Gold asked, marvelling at the house.
"Wait, is that a pool in the living room?" Crystal asked, amazed.
"Well, where else would Gyarados be?" Jen said.
"Gyarados?" Gold asked. As if on que, Gyarados popped his head out of the water, scarring Gold.
"So many rooms in this house." Keshia said.
"Each pokemon get's their own." Jen said.
"They must be really pampered here." Crystal said.
"Not at all. Dad keepes them in tip top form, always ready to battle at even the slightest hint of a fight. Thought they are better off than most pokemon in the ways of comfort, they are anything but pampered here. Dad doesn't want these guys to get lazy, but he remembers to always treat them like equals." Jen said.
And it works very well. I'm very happy here, and wouldn't change anything in my life even if I could. Everything I've been through has lead me to where I am today Gyarados said. Jen repeated his words to the others.
"Hey, is that the same Eevee who's been following you?" Gold asked.
"The same, unfortunately." Jen said.
"I don't know why you won't catch this one. She is very cute." Crystal said, picking up Eevee.
"She is too young and should go back to her friends." Jen said.
"Still, you know she won't stop following you." Keshia said.
"I can at least try to get her to stop." Jen said.
"Come on, you like her attention to you. You've let her eat with you on many occasions." Crystal said.
"Look, let's forget this and start having a little fun, okay?" Jen said.
"Fine, have it your way. First one outside getsd the best spot!" Keshia said. They hurried outside and quickly assembled a snow fort. The pokemon saw the snowball fight, and some decided to join in, goin to their trainers team to help them win.
"No fair Jen! You have Cinder on your side, and he'll just melt the snow!" Gold complained.
"Yeah. That's what I'm going for." Jen said with a grin.
"Cheater. Come on Sonia, I need some fire type help out here too." Crystal said. Sonia came running to her side and melted all incoming snowballs.
"Three can play that game." Keshia said. Flareon went to her, melting all the snow as well.
"Don't leave me out of this." Gold said. Arcinine went to Gold, helping him.
"Hold on, now no one can hit anyone." Jen said. She was proved wrong when a snowball zipped by Sonia and smacked into Crystal.
"Well, I can win." Chris said.
"You'll regret that!" Crystal said. Leader shoveled a lot of snow up and fired it at Chris, only to be blocked by Protect.
"Not fair!" Crystal shouted.
"No one likes a sore loser Crystal." Jen teased.
"Oh, glad you feel that way." Chris said. Jen was then struck by a snowball thrown by Gallade, too quick for Cinder to block.
"Oh, so it's war now, is it? Fine then." Jen said. Heracross used his horn to roll a giant ball of snow, and Tyranitar threw it at Chris, too big for Protect to completely block.
Or so Jen thought. Protect just managed to block the giant ball of snow.
"Okay, now I'm with Crystal. Not fair!" Jen shouted.
"Fine, I'll leave." Chris said. As he turned around, Keshia snuck in a quick snowball to the back of his head.
"Fine then, war it is!" Chris said. The fight went on for a while, Chris winning for most of the time. They stopped when a stray snowball hit Eevee, who was wandering out to Jen.
"Hold your fire! Eevee, why are you out here?" Jen asked, picking her up.
"Maybe we should call it quits. I'm freezing from being hit with so many snowballs." Crystal said.
"Yeah, besides it's lunch time." Chris said. They all hurried inside and ate their lunch, afterwards Jen gave them a tour of the house.
"You have far too many rooms here." Keshia said.
"Yeah, maybe. But this was the only house that dad liked. Plus, it had a pool for Gyarados, so he got it quickly after seeing that." Jen said.
"What it must be like to be rich." Gold said.
"Not all that great to be honest. Then again, we don't let the money go to our heads and become snobs like a lot of other rich people are." Jen said.
"Still, you must love your house." Keshia said.
"Yeah, I do." Jen said. The tour was so long that by the time they had finished, dinner was already made.
"Wow, long tour." Crystal said.
"How do you not get lost in this house?" Gold asked.
"Easy. I don't travel in it too much." Jen said.
"Smart too. Lot of rooms here." Chris said. When it was time to go to bed, Jen escorted them to their rooms, each very impressive.
"Once again, you are very lucky." Keshia said.
"Maybe." Jen said.
The next morning, Jen woke up to find Eevee asleep on her lap, curled up and very content.
"I must admit, you are cute." Jen said. She picked Eevee up and carried her down stairs, to find that her dad and mom were already awake.
"Morning." Jen said.
"Merry Christmas." Chris said. Jen laughed when she saw that Chris, by a way that this writer himself is still unsure of, managed to get Gyarados and Charizard to wear christmas bows on their heads.
I knew she'd laugh Gyarados said. Gold, Crystal and Keshia came down soon afterwards, and they too laughed at Gyarados and Charizard.
"Alright, stop laughing at them and open up your gifts." Chris said.
"Wait, for us too?" Keshia asked.
"Yeah sure why not?" Chris said. Like wild animals, they ripped open their presents.
"I've faced many fierce things before, but nothing tops kids who want to open their presents on Christmas." Chris said.
"Wow, a gold Pok-etch!" Gold said.
"Awesome, a New Pokegear!" Keshia said.
"Wow, this scarf would look great on Serafina. Thanks a lot." Crystal said.
"No problem." Jen said.
"Now, this one is for you." Chris said. Jen opened it and picked the pokeball out of it.
"Why?" Jen asked.
"To catch the Evee!" They all said together. Jen shrugged and Eevee literally jumped into her pokeball.

"Finally. Now, from the USA, Merry Christmas." The writer said.

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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
So, how'd I do for my first holiday event?

11-12-2010, 10:14 PM
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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
It was really amazing
12-12-2010, 02:17 AM
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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
Ah, Christmas. My favorite holiday of the year.

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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
(10-12-2010 07:32 PM)KALAS REY Wrote:  She was proved wrong when a snowball zipped by Sonia and smacked into Crystal.
"Well, I can win." Chris said.
that hurt,i hate you Chris...Dodgy

(10-12-2010 07:32 PM)KALAS REY Wrote:  "Wow, this scarf would look great on Serafina. Thanks a lot." Crystal said.

how can you always read my mind Huh i wanted a blue scarf for Serafina...

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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
Once again, a VERY lucky guessBig Grin

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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
This is the tricky one. How to tell a story of pokemon celebrating Christmas...not an easy thing to accomplish. I doubt it'll be as long as my first one, but I want you to know, this isn't an easy thing to write for me

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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
Holiday event number 2: Rescuers Unite.
No way is it possible for me to write a holiday event given the current circumstances, so instead of fast forwarding like in Goin' Hoenn, I'm turning back the clock by, oh say, eight years, because, once again, I can do that.

The story takes place two years after Charmeleon's retirement and the defeat of Darkrai. The snow is pouring down outside the Rescue guild, and the crew are huddling around a roaring fire, pleased with their days work.
"The holiday's are coming soon." Lucario said.
"The best time. Not too many pokemon wandering in dungeons around the holidays." Leafeon said.
"Holiday for them equals holiday for us." Pikachu said.
"Still, we have to keep our guard up. If we get lazy, we'll start loosing pokemon." Bayleef said.
"Never. We're just excited for Christmas, that's all." Bulbasour said.
"Yeah, we'd never let any pokemon go." Glaceon said.
"Just making sure." Bayleef said.
"You may like this time of year, but I'm freezing in my fur here." Mightyena said.
"Same here." Absol said.
"Hence the fire." Skarmory said.
"Speaking of fire, I wonder how our old friend is doing." Lucario said.
"Yeah. It's been too long since we've seen him, hasn't it?" Pikachu asked.
"I'm used to it. Don't like it, but used to it." Bayleef said.
"Still, I can at least wonder how he's doing." Pikachu said.
"Probably training." Bulbasour chuckled.
"Doubt it. Even he knows how to relax on the holidays." Bayleef said.
"Oh? So what do you think he's doing right now?" Leafeon asked.
"If I know him, he's at his home, next to his fire place, eating a few red gummis." Bayleef said.
"I really can't picture him doing that to be honset." Glaceon said.
"Well, I've known him longer, and I'm sure that's what he's doing." Bayleef said matter-of-factly.
"Huh. Our old guildmaster, powerhouse extraordinare, relaxing by a fire place. Nope, still can't picture it." Bulbasour said.
"Look, it's getting late. Let's go to bed. It's not the holidays yet, and there are still plenty of jobs to do tomorrow." Bayleef said.
"Fine. Good night guys." Pikachu said.
The next morning, the guild woke up to a nasty surprise.
"The guild is snowed in!" Lucario exclaimed.
"Wow, that was one bad snow storm last night." Pikachu said.
"Ah memories. If I had an apple for eveytime this happened to me when I was young, I'd be able to feed every pokemon in the world." Bayleef said.
"What did you do?" Bulbasour asked.
"Well, Charmander was usually with me during those times and melted the snow. When he wasn't, I'd wait until he came to help." Bayleef said.
"That doesn't help. Please tell me someone here can use a fire move?" Pikachu asked. The guild shook their heads.
"Not good. We need to get out to do our jobs." Bulbasour said.
"Well, we could still blast our way through, fire or no fire." Mightyena said.
"Not a good idea." Bayleef said.
"Why not?" Leafeon asked.
"You don't think I didn't already try that? Each time I did, more snow would pile inside, only trapping me further." Bayleef said.
"Well, we have to try something." Pikachu said. They all attacked, each using long distance moves to try and blast through the snow, until a path was made.
"I knew we could do it." Bulbasour cheered. As he took a step forward, Bayleef held him back.
"What?" Bulbasour asked. Bayleef didn't reply, instead letting the snow pile on the newly made path, closing it and, on top of that, more snow leaked into the guild.
"You were nearly burried alive!" Pikachu gasped.
"I owe you one." Bulbasour said.
"Now what?" Leafeon asked.
"We have to wait until either someone come to get us, or until the snow melts." Pikachu said.
"We can't wait that long!" Skarmory said.
"I'll go get help. Snow doesn't bother me at all." Glaceon said.
"Good idea. Thanks Glaceon." Pikachu said. Glaceon climbed through the snow and quickly disappeared from view.
"Hope she gets back soon." Pikachu said.
"Same here." Bulbasour said.
"Until then, let's get the fire started again." Bayleef said.
"Wait, if we coul dhave done that, why didn't we set up the fire next to the snow?" Lucario asked.
"Tried it before. Didn't work." Bayleef said.
"What went wrong?" Xatu asked.
"Charmander's fire had just enough power to melt the snow all together. Any home made fire isn't enough to cut it." Bayleef said. The fire soon raored once more, and the guild huddled around it.
"So, what do we do now?" Leafeon asked.
"No clue." Pikachu said.
"Anyone have any good stories they would like to share?" Skarmory asked.
"Not any good ones." Bulbasour said.
"Mine would just put you to sleep." Pikachu said.
"None that come to mind." Mightyena said.
"Same here." Absol said.
"Well, I do have one." Bayleef said. The group looked at her, giving her their attention.
"Well, this one is when me and Charmander were young. It was around the same time of year as right now actually. We were young and a little adventurous, therefore we got into a lot of trouble, as you may imagine. However, this story I'm about to tell you is a time when we really were in over our heads." Bayleef said.
"What happened?" Leafeon asked.
"Well, hold on and I'll tell you." Bayleef said.


"Charmander, when are you going to get here?" Chikorita asked impatiently. As if on cue, the snow blocking her doorway melted almost instantly, revealing Charmander.
"Where were you?" Chikorita asked.
"Sorry, but I didn't know you got snowed in. If I did, I would have been here a lot sooner." Charmander said.
"Well, thanks for melting the snow. What do you have there?" Chikorita asked, indicating the piece of paper in his hand.
"I found this just lying around in the snow. It's a map to a place called Burried Relic." Charmander said.
"Burried Relic? Wait, I think I've heard of it before. Isn't that where the pokemon Mew lives?" Chikorita asked.
"Yes. How about we go and meet him?" Charmander asked.
"Meet Mew? Really?" Chikorita asked.
"Yeah, why not? Come on, let's go!" Charmander said.
"Hold on, shouldn't we get some supplies first?" Chikorita asked.
"Covered." Charmander said, showing her his bag.
"Okay then, let's go. Say, how deep is Burried Relic anyway?" Chikorita asked.
"I have no idea." Charmander said.

"Little did we know that it was actually 100 floors deep." Bayleef said.
"100 floors?!?" Leafeon exclaimed.
"We've never gone that deep before!" Lucario said.
"Well, don't stop. What happened?" Pikachu asked.
"Hold on, I'm getting to it." Bayleef said.

*Resuming flashback*

"Is this the place?" Chikorita asked. They were outside the entrance to Burried Relic, eager to enter it.
"This is it alright." Charmander said. They went in, and for the first few floors, they did okay. However, when they reached floor 12, they were staring to run out of steam.
" place?" Chikorita gasped.
"Can't be too much deeper." Charmander said. Eight more floors, and they were forced to stop and catch their breath.
"This is a VERY deep cave." Chikorita said.
"Tell me about it. We've gone down 20 floors, but we just don't seem to be getting anywhere." Charmander said.
"Maybe we should go back." Chikorita said.
"After we've gone this deep?" Charmander asked.
"Good point. Fine, lets keep going." Chikorita said. They trugded on, though they weren't going very fast. Every few floors they had to stop and rest. At floor 50, they were thoroughly and utterly exhausted.
"I can't go any further." Chikorita said.
"How deep can a cave be?" Charmander asked.
"Too deep for me." Chikorita said.
"Okay, let's stop here and rest for a while." Charmander said.
"How have we managed to get this far?" Chikorita asked.
"Luck I guess." Charmander said.
"Yeah, but do you think we will get lucky for the next how many floors?" Chikorita asked.
"Well, at this point, yes." Charmander said.
"I was afraid you'd say that." Chikorita said. After a few more minutes of rest, they set off again, making little headway in the seemingly never-ending dundgeon. At floor 72, they once again collapsed from exhaustion.
"Why is this place so deep?" Chikorita asked.
"I don't know." Charmander said.
"Charmander, I've reached my limit. I'm seconds away from passing out here." Chikorita said.
"We've come so far though. I'd hate to waste our progress." Charmander said.
"I can barely move, but you still want to go further?" Chikorita asked.
"The truth? Yes, I do." Charmander said.
"Aren't you at all tired?" Chikorita asked.
"Very as a matter of fact, but we are so close!" Charmander said.
"Look, if I go through one more floor, I'm finished." Chikorita said.
"I know how you feel, believe me. I just can't leave now though after all the progress we've made!" Charmander said.
"You're right, we have made a lot of headway into this place. Fine, give me a few minutes, then I'll try to move on." Chikorita said.
"Thanks Chikorita" Charmander said. After a half hour, Chikorita felt well enough to venture forward, but hid the fact that she was running out of steam, and very quickly, from Charmander.
"This is floor 97, we are near the exit at this point, then we can rest, I know it." Charmander said.
"Yeah, thank...goodness for that." Chikorita said.
"You okay? Maybe we should rest here." Charmander said.
"No, we are nearly done. Let's...keep going." Chikorita said.
"...okay." Charmander said, but kept a close eye on her. Halfway through the next floor, Chikorita was barely moving, a weary look heavy on her face.
"Nearly there now. We're so close, huh Chikorita?" Charmander asked. No responce.
"Chikorita?" Charmander asked, turning around. He was just in time to see her fall face forward, knocked out from her fatigue.

"And that's all I can remember. Next thing I knew, I was waking up at my house, during the night, with Charmander asleep next to my bed with a bolw of Oran Berries." Bayleef said.
"Wow. I wonder what happened." Leafeon said. Everyone jumped as they felt the temperature spike quickly, then turned to the door. The snow melted almost instantly, revealing Charmeleon and Glaceon standing outside.
"If I had a poke for every timer I have had to do this." Charmeleon said.
"Charmeleon!" Everyone yelled.
"Hi guys." Charmeleon said.
"Oh yeah, Charmeleon, could you help us? Bayleef was telling us the time you and her went to Burried Relic, but she doesn't remember ther ending. Could you fill us in?" Leafeon asked.
"Ah, I haven't thought of that for a while." Charmeleon said.

*Resuming again*

"Chikorita, get up!" Charmander pleeded, shaking her. Just as he was about to panic, a bright white light lit up from behind him. He shielded his eyes and turned around to see Mew, floating and looking curiously at them.
"Please, help us." Charmander begged. Mew simply titlted his head to the side, then Charmander and Chikorita were instantly teleported out of the dungeon and back at Chikorita's house. Charmander didn't bother wondering what happened and got right to getting Chikorita inside.

"So, it was really Mew that helped us that day." Charmeleon said.
"I...I wouldn't have guessed that." Bayleef said.
"Wow, you really met Mew?" Pikachu asked, amazed.
"Yeah, a real miracle. Speaking of miracles, there were no jobs on the board for today. Happy holidays!" Charmeleon said. The guild cheered and went outside, enjoying the snow and their day off. Charmeleon and Bayleef went outside as well and looked up. They gasped in surprise as they saw Mew soar right above their heads.
"I guess Mew is saying Merry Christmas to us." Bayleef said.
"And I'm saying Merry Christmas to all my readers." I said.

I'm not the best holiday writer, but this is one of those stories where the characters get snowed in, tell a story, get freed, then it ends, so...Merry Christmas

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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
Both stories were nice. Nothing special,but most christmas episodes aren't anyway.

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RE: Merry Christmas: Two side story holiday chapters
Thanks...I thinkUndecided.............Blank..........Big Grin


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IRC chatroom members get all the latest news about future site updates and new projects, even days before they are announced in the forums or the main site, so why don't you enter #legendary_pokemon now?