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Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
25-03-2011, 09:38 PM
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Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
Still not done

Prologue: "I'm off to Sinnoh." Jen said.
"Take care." Alena said.
"Take care of that Eevee too." Chris said.
"I will. It's too bad that I'm leaving right now. I'd only just started getting to know about the Unova pokemon." Jen said.
"Well, I'm sure someone is bound to follow you on this journey. I'm starting to feel like they're trying to get away from me." Chris said.
You know it's not like that Leafeon said.
"Yeah, I know. Just taunting you." Chris said.
Oh, is that right? Leafeon asked. A small whirlwind of leaves swirled around her as she got up.
"Uh oh, someone's in trouble." Jen mocked.
"I'd suggest you run dear." Alena said. He didn't need to be told twice, and bolted, Leafeon chasing after him.
"I'm really going to miss it here." Jen said.
Hey Jen, I think we'd better leave before Leafeon hits us Umbreon said.
Oh, so you'll be joining me? Jen asked.
Yeah, but we'd better leave quickly. Glaceon has joined the fray,a nd things will get frozen here Umbreon said.

"I'm going to Sinnoh, bye!" Keshia said, running out the door before any goodbyes could be exchanged from her parents.
"She is energetic." They both said.

"I'm headed to Sinnoh, maybe meet up with the others again." Gold said.
"I hope so. You always seem so happy when you are travelling with them." His mom said.

"So, are you going to run off again?" Crystal's mom asked.
"Nope. I'm going to travel in Sinnoh for a while." Crystal said.
"But why? You're already the Sinnoh champ." Her mom asked.
"I'm just going to show my friends the way, that's all. I can do that, right?" Crystal asked.
"I suppose so." Her mom said. Crystal cheered, grabbed her already packed supplies, then left.
"She would have done it anyways." Her mom said to herself.

26-03-2011, 04:32 AM
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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
Okays...nice prolouge. Perhaps the Giratina88 industries should parody this.

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27-03-2011, 03:52 AM
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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
Hi guys. I had ch.1 ready, but I just got blown up, and it was destroyed. So, while Charizard has a..."talk" with Gir. Inc., I'll be rewriting ch.1, which will probably be posted Monday

P.S., Giritina88 Inc, I hope you have good lawyers

27-03-2011, 04:02 AM
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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
Oh you bet I do. Chuck Norris! Why don't you present our case?

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Next lets try GLaDOS vs Zelda!
27-03-2011, 12:47 PM
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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
You forget I'm the strongest in the world, so do you really think Noris can beat Gyarados? Oh, he just got eaten

28-03-2011, 09:57 PM
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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
I don't know why, but I keep creating new element moves without even trying!
Leafeon: Magical Leaf, Protect, Serenity Vein, Gale Forest
Gale Forest: an entire forest shoots up from the ground, then multiple hurricanes made entirely of leaves and wind surrounds the opponent from all sides, ending with a huge, painful collision

Glaceon(yes, her too! I can't seem to stop!):Ice Beam, Iron Tail, Arctic Wind, Frost Tundra
Frost Tundra: pillars of ice pop up around the opponent. Once they are completely surrounded, the tips of the ice shards glow and spark an icy white, then a huge glacier shoots up from the ground, enclosing the opponent

I'm deadly when I want to be, huh?

Chapter 1: Once Jen reached the port, she and Umbreon saw Jolteon sitting patiently by the dock.
Wha-how- Jen was speechless.
About time you got here. I took a different route, which is why you didn't notice me, plus I am a really fast runner, which is how I beat you here, and as for the enevitable why, I didn't like the idea of being in the same place as Leafeon and Glaceon when they "play" Jolteon explained.
Oh, well then, I suppose you'll be joining me and Umbreon? Jen asked.
Of course. Now then, shall we? Jolteon asked. They boarded the boat, and after an hour, it set sail for Sinnoh.

"I think I beat Jen here. Wow, never done that before." Keshia said to herself. She had arrived at Twinleaf town, thinking that she'd meet up with her friends at the beggining town in Sinnoh, as she had done previously.
"Guess who?" Keshia nearly jumped a mile, then whipped around to face Gold.
"You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Keshia chastised.
"It was worth it." Gold laughed.
"Yes, my life for a joke, I see how that works." Keshia said bitterly.
"Oh lighten up. Aren't you at all glad to see a friend?" Gold asked.
"Yeah, I guess." Keshia sighed.
"Hey, have you seen Jen or Crystal anywhere?" Gold asked.
"No, I was about to ask you the same thing." Keshia said.
"Huh. Well, why don't we go wait for them at Jubilfe? If I know them, they might have already beaten us there." Gold said.
"Yeah, probably." Keshia agreed. Together, they left for Jubilfe, both eager to see their friends again.

"Lets see, I wonder how things will work out this time." Crystal wondered. She was already at Floaroma town, ready to make the trip to Jubilfe easily.
"Ah well, I'll see when I meet up with them." Crystal said.

The S.S. Johto had finally docked at Sandgem town, and Jen, Umbreon and Jolteon were trying to squeeze by the crowd.
"Now then, all I have to do is find the others." Jen said.
You don't know if they decided to travel to Sinnoh Umbreon sadi.
I know my friends, and yes, they have Jen responded.
He actually might be onto something Jen. Crystal has already beaten Sinnoh, so why would she come back? Jolteon asked.
You really have a positive attitude, you know that? Jen asked. She left to the pokemon center in a bit of a huff, Jolteon and Umbreon following.
Way to go Jolteon Umbreon said.
Yes, you were innocent completely and I was the sole bad guy, that's how it went Jolteon retorted. Jen reached teh pokemon center quickly, then sat down for some food. She let her pokemon out, but recieved a shock. She had brought Eevee along and left Venusour for training with her dad, but Eevee wasn't who came out. Instead, an Espeon appeared. Espeon looked around, then, upon seeing Jen, leapt onto her lap happily.
Eevee evolve into Espeon during the day, and only when they really like their trainer. The same for Umbreon, but only at night Umbreon said.
How long did it take you to really like my dad? Jen asked.
Not too long, but long enough Umbreon said.
About a week, give or take an hour Jolteon said.
It was not! Umbreon said defensively.
"Excuse me, but when were you planning on that trade?" Jen looked up, confused, at a young male trainer standing in front of her with a pokeball in his hands.
"What trade?" Jen asked.
"You forgot already? Just yesterday, you promised me you'd trade me your Umbreon for my Vaporeon." He said.
"I'm sorry, but you have me confused for someone else. I only arrived here today, just an hour ago in fact. Plus, I'd never trade any of my pokemon, and finally, this isn't even my Umbreon. He's my dad's." Jen said.
"But I just saw you an hour ago, right here! You even said you were going to take a nap first." The young trainer said.
"Where?" Jen asked. He pointed down a hallway.
"You said you were going to be in room 450." He said. Jen got up, disturbing the once asleep Espeon, and ran to the room with Espeon, Umbreon, Jolteon and the young trainer behind her. Jen bursted into the room, crashing the door into the wall with accidental force. The loud noice made the only person in the room shoot up. When Jen and the other person looked at each other, they froze, speechless. Jen thought she was looking in a mirror. In front of her, a girl with pink hair like hers', a red ribbon in her hair, and pinkish blue eyes just like Jens'. The only difference was that her eyes were a bit darker than Jens'.
"Wow." Was all they said.
"Who are you?" Jen asked.
"I'm Penny, Penny Leona. Who are you?" Penny asked.
"I'm Jen, Jen Eon." Jen said.
"Jen Eon? As in the Grand Champion Chris Eon's daughter?" Penny asked.
"The very same. Wow, didn't expect to see my douple-ganger on my journey." Jen said.
"Me neither." Penny said.
"Excuse me, but what about my trade?" Both of them jumped a bit, forgetting that the young trainer was still there. Penny got out of the bed and did the trade with the young trainer, who then left happily.
"Would you like to join me for lunch?" Jen asked.
"Gladly." Penny said. The two ate, but not in silence. They each chatted, both learning about the other. Penny had rich parents, like Jen, but wanted to use the money instead of ignore it like Jen does.
"Wait, you're rich too, but don't want to use it?" Penny asked, stunned.
"Pretty much. I don't want any vanity to go to my head, and niether does my dad. He doesn't spend time at fancy parties, doesn't go waving his money around, doesn't even sign autographs. He simply spends time at home training and playing with his pokemon and my mom. Oh! Want to freak out my parents?" Jen asked, giddy.
"Oh yeah!" Penny said, just as gidy. They rushed to the phone, and Jen taught Penny the phone number. Luckily, Penny's voice was similar to Jen's, and didn't take much to alter it to sound exactly alike.
"Jen, calling already?" Alena asked.
"Yeah mom. Just wanted to say I'm here at Sinnoh. How's dad?" Penny asked, trying her best to hide her laughing.
"He's on his way right now. Chris, Jen's on the phone." Alena said. She stepped aside, and Chris came into view.
"Who are you?" Chris asked.
"What, don't recognize your own daughter?" Penny asked.
"I do, but you, my dear, are not her. Jen, come on out." Chris said.
"Dang it! You are IMPOSSIBLE to fool!" Jen said.
"You got that right. So, Umbreon and Jolteon decided to join you?" Chris asked, shivering all the while speaking.
"What happened?" Penny asked.
"Well, who ever you are, Glaceon and Leafeon learned new element moves. Leafeon's hurt, but Glaceon's...well, that was just unpleasant cold, I'll leave it at that." Chris said.
"I'm Penny by the way, and a huge fan." Penny said. Chris nodded, then said goodbye as he hung up the phone.
"Well, we fooled my mom, but my dad just can't be fooled." Jen said.
"Sorry, I did my best." Penny said.
"No, it's not your fault, he just can't be fooled, no matter what I do. But hey, I know my friends will probably be in Jubilfe, and they are much easier to fool. Wanna give it another try?" Jen asked.
"Let's go." Penny said.
This is going to be one interesting journey Umbreon said.
If by interesting, you mean confusing, then yiou hit it right on the nose. I can't even tell them apart, can you? Jolteon asked.
Only when they talk. I wonder how Chris did it? Umbreon asked.
We could never fool him either. I guess he just has a gift Jolteon said.

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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
Chapter 2: Keshia and Gold arrived in Jubilfe city before Jen and Penny, and had just met up with Crystal at the pokemon center.
"I guess we should just wait for her here, right?" Keshia asked.
"Yup. You know she's here in Sinnoh." Gold said.
"Just don't know where exactly." Crystal said. They ate their supper then retired to bed, hoping Jen would be there tomorrow.

"There it is!" Jen said happily.
"I can't wait to see your friends. From what you've told me, they seem like really nice people." Penny said.
"They are, but that doesn't mean I'm above freaking them out." Jen said.
"Let's do it." Penny said mischeviously. They travelled quickly to the city, occasionally bumping into things in the dark. They reached the pokemon center an hour later, and succeeded in freaking out the Nurse Joy. They managed to explain, and she calmed down.
"Okay, I see now. Anyway, you are right. There is a Keshia, Gold and Crystal staying here tonight." Joy said.
"Great. Which room?" Jen asked. Nurse Joy gave them the room number, and Jen and Penny, with Umbreon and Jolteon behind them, proceeded to the room to start their prank. Jen opened the door slowly and noiselessly, and was pleased to see that they were all fast asleep.
"Okay, there is another bed there, which you take, and I'll stay in the room next door. In the morning, we freak them out." Jen said.
"I love it! You can be devious when you want to be, huh?" Penny asked.
"I'm normally a good girl, but I like to have fun every now and then." Jen said. Penny suppressed a laugh, then snuck into the last unoccupied bed while Jen went into the room next door. The next morning, Penny was fast asleep, though Keshia was trying to figure out how her best friend had arrived during the night without her knowledge.
"Jen? How do you do these things?" Keshia muttered to herself.
"Hmm? Huh? Oh, Keshia, that was you. What about Jen?" Gold asked, just waking up. He was on the bed above Penny's, so didn't see her until Keshia pointed her out. Crystal woke up, and saw Penny, thinking it was Jen, immediately.
"How does she do it?" Crystal asked.
"No idea, but to be honest, I'm just glad she's here." Keshia said.
"Me too. It seemed a little off without her." Gold said.
"Shall we wake her?" Keshia asked.
"Let's." Gold and Crystal said. They gathered around the bed silently, each with big grins on their faces.
"WAKE UP JEN!!!" They yelled together. Penny's eyes shot open and she bolted up so fast, she hit her head on the bottom of the bed above her.
"Ouch." Penny muttered, a perfect imitation of Jen's voice.
"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you that much." Keshia said.
"Don't worry, I'll get you guys back soon enough." Penny said, rubbing her aching head.
"Uh-oh, that doesn't sound good." Gold said.
"She's bluffing, don't worry." Crystal said.

Back in the room next door, Jen woke with a start like Penny, and bumped her head on the bed above her.
"I was feeling just a little bit guilty yesterday about this prank." Jen said, rubbing her head to dull the pain.
And? Umbreon asked.
That went away when I heard them yell Jen responded.

"Come on Jen, lets go get breakfast." Keshia said.
"Yeah, that sounds good right about now." Penny said.

"Okay, they're on the move. I knew they'd be hungry by now." Jen said.

The group left the room and eagerly went to get breakfast. Once they were out of sight, Jen creapt out of her room and followed.
"I wonder what they have in Sinnoh?" Keshia asked.
"You'll die for the food here, trust me." Penny said.
"Jen, how long have you been in Sinnoh?" Gold asked.
"I arrived just yesterday." Penny said.
"Oh, that explains it." Gold said. While those three were grabbing their breakfast, Penny looked back and saw Jen at the corner. They exchanged a nod, and Penny grabbed her breakfast and joined the others. Penny picked a booth that was positioned so that everyone but Penny was facing away from Jen.
"So Jen, what's the plan for Sinnoh?" Keshia asked.
"Err...what do you mean?' Penny asked. Jen had told her many things to say about things that might come up, but this wasn't one of them.
"I mean, what is the battle plan?" Keshia asked.
"Same as before." Penny said, hiding a guessing tone.
"Not possible. You know that Crystal already beat Sinnoh, so she isn't going to fight the gyms again. So, what's the plan? Will it be you and me, then have Gold go it alone, or will it be a triple battle experience, or what?" Keshia asked.
"Oh, that." Penny said, now stalling. Jen had managed to creep silently to behind them, and signaled she was ready to freak them out.
"Well, I think I'll battle with myself. You knwo the old saying right? Me, myself"
"And I." Jen finished. They jumped quite a bit, then jumped even more when they turned around to face the real Jen.
"What the heck?!?" Keshai yelled.
"Who is the real Jen?" Gold asked.
"Calm down, both of you!" Crystal shouted. The took a little while, but they calmed down enough.
"Good, now we can get this thing settled." Crystal said.
"Get what settled Crystal?" Penny asked.
"See, that would be the real Jen, becasue she knows my name." Crystal said.
"Keshia, Gold, do you really think that would be enough?" Jen asked.
"Okay, that didn't work." Crystal said.
"I've got this one. You," Keshia pointed at Penny "Where am I from?"
"Kanto." Penny said, remembering what Jen told her.
"You." Keshia pointed to Jen. "Where is Gold from?"
"Hoenn." Jen said.
"That didn't work either." Keshia said.
"My turn. Which one of you wants to trade for my Arcinine?" Gold asked.
"Ooh, an Arcinine? I'd love one of those." Penny said.
"And that, my friends, is the imposter. The real Jen would never trade." Gold said.
"You blew it Penny." Jen sighed.
"Sorry Jen, I just love Arcinine and have always wanted one really badly. I told you about that, right?" Penny asked.
"Nope, still confused here." Keshia said. Jen went to sit by Penny, and the two of them explained their prank.
"The looks on your faces was priceless, trust me." Jen said, a huge grin on her face. Umbreon and Jolteon were eating along with the rest of the pokemon, plus Penny's pokemon, which included a Vaporeon and a Staravia.
"You can be mean at times, you know that?" Keshia asked.
"Yeah, I know." Jen said, not at all sorry about it.
"I was wondering if I could travel with you guys for a bit?" Penny asked.
"Duh, of course you are." Jen said immediately.
"Uh-oh. I still can't tell them apart. I only know which is Jen because she is sitting on the left." Keshia whispered.
"This will be a confusing journey." Gold said.
I do believe I said the very same thing Jolteon said.
I know Jolteon, but we can always tell by which one can talk to us mentally. Always remember that, and you'll be fine Umbreon said.
It will still be hard to tell them apart Jolteon said.
I said you'd be fine, not perfect Umbreon said.

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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
(29-03-2011 09:45 PM)KALAS REY Wrote:  "Calm down, both of you!" Crystal shouted. The took a little while, but they calmed down enough.
"Good, now we can get this thing settled." Crystal said.
have you placed a camera in my house?how did you now i never panic?

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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
I seem to be able to guess a lot of correct things about you, even though we've never met face to face. How creepy is that?

30-03-2011, 10:57 PM
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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
Oshawott: What...where am I?
Vulpix: We seem to be inside the time space of a Kalas Rey fan fic.
Oshawott: That explains why it feels so bland.
Snivy: Guys! We need to get out before someone sees us!
Pikachu: Whats wrong with someone seeing us?
Snivy: Unlike Giratina88 fan fics, Kalas Rey fan fics have a higher level of reality. In that type of fan fic, breaking the fourth wall could cause the entire dimension to explode!
Vulpix: Which is the long way of saying that these places are no fun...
Oshawott: Come on guys, lets go...
As Oshawott and friends leave, the portal closes. But just before it can close, something else follows through.
Metroid: Scree?

This cameo will all make sense in the next part of KR VS G88

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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
"Game on Serafina!" Crystal said.
"Scree!" Metroid said.
"Oh my god! Kill it! Kill it!" Crystal yelled. Jen and the others let their Pokemon out, and together killed the Metroid.
"Wbere is Serafina?" Crystal asked.
"Probably wherever that thing came from." Jen said.

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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
Note: Movie events have no affect on the main story line

Chapter 3: "Since we're in Jubilife, why don't we go look at the sights?" Gold suggested.
"Sure, why not." Keshia said.
"Yeah, I've never been here before, so it would be great to see the sights of Sinnoh." Penny said.
"I thought you were from Sinnoh." Jen said.
"Nope, Nacrene city." Penny said. The group explored the city for an hour until finally coming to the tv station. Curious, the group entered, and to a familiar sight; a group around a tv. Although, this group was full of females only.
"What's up?" Crystal asked.

"It's my pleasure to introduce one of the greates actors of his time, Brad Vondar!" The host said. (Actual name, look it up in Johto's series).
"Nice to be here." Brad said.
"So Brad, I've been told you just finished a top secret movie project that, right?"
"Yep, and the viewers will be able to see it tomorrow when it premiers." Brad said.
"Excellent. Can you tell us a little about it?"
"Sure, why not? I was chosen to play the biggest part any actor has yet to face. I was chosen to play the ultimate role." Brad said.
"Well don't keep us in suspence, tell us!"
"I'll do you one better. I brought a sneak preview clip with me." Brad said.
"Is that right? Play it!"

In a world where anything can happen, a young boy of no more than eight came out of nowhere. No one paid him any attention at first, but they changed their views when they saw what he became. Starring Brad Vondar, we bring you the longest awaited movie ever.
Eon's stride: The Grand Champion's story. We give you a look at the trials our most beloved champ has dealt with, the training he has done, and the secrets of his strength. Our hero has accomplished many things, traveled around the world, and now travelling to theater near you!

"Oh my, that is the biggest role yet. I for one cannot wait to see it."
"You won't have to wait for long, just until tomorrow." Brad said.
"How is it you managed to do this though?"
"You mean the element moves, right? We used a series of highly trained Ditto to duplicate the moves, and we were lucky that it worked, as some of us doubted even Ditto could duplicate those moves. We trained many Charizard to use them, but without luck." Brad said.
"Well, I think I speak for us all when I say that I want the sun to hurry up."
"Thank you for your compliment, but I'm after only one persons review, and that is the champion himself." Brad said.
"I'm sure he'll love it."

"Wrong." Chris said.

"Wrong." Jen said.

"Right, I thought so. I really felt I captured his image during the movie, and I hope he feels that way too." Brad said.
"We'll be right back."

"He didn't approve of that." Jen said.

"I didn't apporve of this!" Chris said.

"How do you know?" Penny asked.
"My dad isn't vain, and has rejected any movie offers. You'd be surprised by how many people have asked him. He didn't see any point in making a movie that showed people what he wanted to keep to himself, but apparently someone thought otherwise." Jen said.
"He's going to be mad." Keshia said.
"Well, I'm not happy!" They whipped around to see a slightly fuming Chris staring daggers at the tv set.
"I knew it; you're mad." Jen said.
"You know I am, but I can't do anything about it now." Chris said.
"We might as well see it, since it is playing in this theater tomorrow." Crystal said.
"Might as well." Chris said.

The next day, Chris and the others left teh pokemon center after their breakfast and headed for the theater. Chris was carrying a notepad and a pencil though, and Jen had a thought what they were for. Once they arrived at the theater, their was already a huge line infront of the ticket booth.
"One at a time! One at a time!" They heard over the chattering of the crowd. Paying the line no attention, Chris marched passed the vender and into the theater, but was stopped by one of the staff.
"Excuse me, do you have a ticket?"
"I don't need a ticket to see my own movie." Chris said.
"A likely story. I've had plenty of champion nock-offs try to pose as the real deal, but I must say you didn't even try with your outfit. Come back when you really are the champion." He said. Without a word, a band of fire shot out of his shadow and rushed up to his face, hovering just an inch away from it.
"You were saying?" Chris asked.
"Enjoy your movie champion." He said, scared. The rope of fire disappeared, and they continued to the movie. After finding the correct theater, the group filed inside after Chris returned all of his pokemon. There weren't too many seats, and therefore they were forced to sit apart from each other. Chris ended up sitting behind Jen, Gold sat alone, Keshia sat with Penny, and Crystal also sat alone. The movie started quickly, and the entire theater instantly grew quiet.
"This better not be a terrible as I think it will be." Chris said. He was hushed instantly. The movie lasted for an hour and a half. During that time, Chris jotted down many things on his note pad, some of which Jen had a good guess about. The movie was WAY off about him, and Chris wasn't happy about it at all. It had him as an athlete playing sports most of the time instead of battling. The only battles that were shown lasted only a few seconds, exaggerting his strength. It also mentioned how he got so strong, but that was also false. The movie said he grew up with his pokemon since he was born, and that he was strong due to a lot of hard games they played. Chris, Jen could tell, was disgusted and dreading the things people will assume of him now. After exiting the theater, the group went to the pokemon center to discuss the movie.
"Load of trash, all of it!" Chris raged.
"Made by idiots." Jen said.
"Didn't even look like me." Chris said. They went on like that for a few more minutes, until a lot of girls screaming like mad got their attention. They went outside, to see a group of female fans clustered around Brad Vondar.
"Hey!" Chris yelled. Brad, looking up, saw Chris and waved at him. He made his way through the crowd to Chris, a huge grin on his face.
"Did you see the movie?" Brad asked eagerly.
"Oh I saw it alright, and have even written down a few things about it." Chris said, handing him the notepad. As Brad read it, his grin faded fast and turned into a trouble frown.
"I don't understand. I thought that everything was right about you." Brad said.
"Not even close." Chris said.
"I just don't get it. I was told that each and every fact was true, I swear, otherwise I wouldn't have done it." Brad said.
"Well, let me tell you just a few things you got wrong. One, I'm not much of a sports fan. Two, I didn't grow up with my friends since day one. Three, I am this strong because of all the training I did." Chris said.
"Okay, I got it. Come with me and we'll talk to the movie's director about it." Brad said.
"Fine. Let's go." Chris said.
"Dad, don't hurt anyone too badly." Jen said.
"Right, too badly." Chris said.

I had nothing else, next one will be better

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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
This story has NOT been abandoned

Chapter 4: After a week, Jen and the group had arrived to Oreburgh city, and the whole movie thing had been taken care of. Their first gym match is not, however, what this chapter will be about.

Back at home, The group had paired up, and the multiple sparring matches were in progress. Along with the usual pairs, Bisharp was facing Lilligant, and Zebstrika was facing Musharna. Chris was facing Gallade, as usual, but what wasn't usual was the shadowy figure watching them from the bushes, hidden completely. Whoever or whatever it was, it was focusing heavely on both Chris and an Aura Sphere in it's palms. It was waiting for the perfect moment to fire, patiently preparing for the moment when he lets his guard down.

"Come on Gallade, keep your arms up!" Alena cheered. She often enjoyed watching them practice, and alomst never took Chris's side.
"Thanks for the support dear." Chris said.
"You're always welcome." Alena said, sticking her tongue out at him. Gallade was jabbing left and right, trying his best to knock Chris off guard or off balance, but to no avail. The circled each other, jabbing and blocking fiercley, when Chris noticed a small ball of light behind Gallade. Still blocking, Chris kept his eyes on it and Gallade, when it suddenly bolted towards them. Thinking quickly, Chris lashed out with a high kick, making it easy for Gallade to duck and avoid, which he did. Taking the perfect chance, Chris caught the Aura Sphere, though the sheer force of it sent him skidding backwards. He was still skidding even after he passed Charizard and Gyarados, who stopped sparring when they saw him. Gyarados shot it with his Hyper Beam from the side, which caused it to explode. though not violently. Chris was covered in small burns, but got up quickly enough.
"There is only one pokemon who can use an Aura Sphere that powerful. But that can't be, he died!" Chris murmured to himself.
Chris, you okay? Charizard asked.
I'll live, but something about that attack has me rattled Chris said.
I know. It came out of nowhere Charizard said.
That's not it. I'm talking about the power of that move Chris said.
What do you mean? Charizard asked.
Well, the only one here who can use Aura Sphere, and it be that powerful mind you, would be Gallade. But he and I were fighting, so he couldn't have done that. There is only one ohter pokemon I know who could have an attack with that much kick to it Chris said.
I don't know who you are talking, that's not possible. He died, we saw it! Charizard said.
Maybe, but there is only one way to find out Chris said. Charizard nodded, and launched a Flamethrower towards the bushes, hitting the same place where that Aura Sphere came from. A figure leapt out just in time to avoid the attack, but jumped into a trap. It was immediately grabbed by Leafeon's Serenity Vein. Out in the light, everyone but Alena gasped, gazing upon the captured and bound up Lucario, struggling to break free. can't be! He is suppossed to be DEAD! Leafeon said. Her shock at this revelation caused her to loose focus, and Lucario was freed.
"Chris, who is this?" Alena asked.
"A friend...long thought dead." Chris said.
"Dead? What happened?" Alena asked.
"Well, he saved my life, and I thought that he died by doing so, but I'm wrong, apparently." Chris said.
"I never knew you had a Lucario." Alena said.
"Haven't you ever wondered how Gallade can use Aura Sphere? Normal ones can't, but mine can. Gallade was taught that move by Lucario here." Chris said.
"If he's your friend, then why did he attack you?" Alena asked.
I'm sure you already know why. I wanted to see if you have forgotten me by now Lucario said.
Never could I forget you old friend Chris said.

Short it may be, but Atleast I haven't abandoned this fan fic. I could neevr really stop writing these chapters

08-06-2011, 03:06 PM
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RE: Jen: Sighted at Sinnoh
I have some bad news. I will be working a lot over the summer, and I already had limited access to a computer in the first place. I won't be able to write many more chapters in the future, sorry. I will writer an dpost one when I'm able to, but they will no doubt be rare.


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