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Which came first, Digimon or Pokemon? The answer is obvious.
31-07-2015, 08:53 AM
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RE: Which came first, Digimon or Pokemon? The answer is obvious.
Dont know if its still active but i wanted to out my info in
1the reason why people think Digimon is so much better than Pokemon and Pokemon is a rip off of Digimon is because they are uneducated.

2. Basing on the games alone i would say they are neck and neck
Every pokemon game has its opposite excluding some (Pokemon colosseum) pokemon black and white and red, blue. Silver ,gold and so on in restro spect digimon and only a minority of games translated into english some that and the ds games were horrible BUT

the game digimon world lost evolution made up for it in ds and digimon world rumble and digimon world for the game cube (or was it the ps2,1) was brilliant. story wise digimon was better hands down each story line was different (excluding the digimon dusk and dawn)
Yet pokemons games had the same story line get badges win at the league,

That most people except

Now the anime (god help me pleAse)

Pokemon for me annoyed me ash never grew up (not in the sense of age) even after dealing with mew two and the many many many seasons of Pokemon hes still a compleat idiot, like why is he not using the pokedex to learn info on the pokemon while hes doing nothing nope lets just wait for it to appear. But it was his charm right even igot that it annoyed me thats all (i wont go into the partners beeep misty)

As for the episodes it was really long winded for no good reason i am sorry only at times though some times like in the black and white season (which i watched to my horror)
Around 10 to 20 % of episodes seamed like a half filler sorta going somewhere but sorta not. Moving on to the comic idiots known as team rocket.

Ok now i get they are never going to win or anything but once i really mean just once i would like a episode were they get pikacuu and they go on a quest to save him. In reality the anime it just wasnt their in the bad guys it had no real badguys (not counting the organisation themselves.

Alright digimon (again help me god)
The bad guys scary the good guys loosing every now and again and very few non meaningful fillers all cheek now lets move on....

You thought i was going to end it like that nope.
Yes digimon did have all that but it was completely different let me put it this way pokemon came to japan it was put as there G rating no questions asked but digimon.

If you look hard enough you find something interesting digimon tamers was originally going to be M rated yes M not PG or G, M 13 years or older.
Why Digimon is dark tamers brought that out, if you want to know why just look up megidramon one of the most scariest digimon there is, pokemon has no chance there is no way you can say the anime is better or worse its like saying afro samurai is better than power ranges samurai. There is no way to say one is better they both have there merits and their flaws.

(Sorry for pointing out flaws in pokemon and not digimon)

And finally the ending thing about popularity
OMDSKJFBHSDUIBH soooooo many people think pokemon is better in this box but no.
And no one mentions this.
Let me explain
Pokemon popularity comes from us and people who speak english the digimon card game never got big till tamers but by then it was to late pokemon had taken that over,
So it was never released as a big thing in many countries. Pokemon had advertising every were from 1996 to 2003 you could not go to any store or any arcade area without seeing something related to pokemon.
Digimon never got big because pokemon had a bigger pocket IF I SAY IF digimon were to suddenly have lots of money back in the start of it things might have been different.

Ok let me wrap this up in a nice bowtie

Based on the growth only.
Fanbase of digimon .................well i hate to say it but its dieing.
Fanbase of pokemon always increasing.
Pokemon creatures becoming more and more easy to see way they are (cough cough ICECREAM POKEMON)
Digimon hasnt seen a newer pokemon in a awhile cant wait till the new one to see, but not once have i seen ....................(i lie but not completely). A digimon that defies stupidity as did the icecream pokemon (why in gods name did they put that in there?) pokemon will eventually run out of fun new pokemon digimon wont ...........................................

As for the lie i say this for the most recent series i know Xcross Shoutmon (wtf no seriously wtf) the only digimon series so far that was just terrible was xcross watch any episode after 10 you will see what i mean. ( i think it was a attempt at getting the younger fans)

Main characters pokemon the same but still fun
Digimon always surprises

Games (error)

Anime( error)

Series as a whole of both.
Including movies .
Pokemon had no real time line for the movies and as with mew two never happened.
Digimon movies and the anime worked together (mostly season one and two) there is actually mention of the movies in the anime. JUST TO POINT OUT I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE AMERICAN MOVIES JAPANESE FOREVER.(or was it Chinese)

I dont know if its the same for pokemon dose anyone know.

Anyway to sum it up
Pokemon is a good series for a laugh and fun and (sorry it has to be said) cannot be said a good thing to watch as a adult.(excluding series one that was the best season.)
Digimon is the same but even as a adult i wouldn't mind watching Digimon tamers again with friends that haven't watched it before.

Digimon is childish but it has a dark side while pokemon is just pokemon.
When i say this also digimon only up to season 4 after that it was to happy i think haven't watched it fully yet

And plus i have a question to the guys that comment after me have you ever watched all of season 1,2,3 of digimon and pokemon i have it really widens the eyes.

Mind you on a side note i would rather have a Digimon who wouldn't want a creature that could eat some one one minute and be your pillow the next (greymon/ poromon if your wondering)
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RE: Which came first, Digimon or Pokemon? The answer is obvious.
Thank you for your research. Interesting thing Wink
08-08-2016, 01:39 AM
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RE: Which came first, Digimon or Pokemon? The answer is obvious.
digimon lol ...........

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