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Legendary Pokémon from Level 7 Experiment Results
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Legendary Pokémon from Level 7 Experiment Results

I thought I would post this here since I used information from your site to compare my findings.

I have finally completed the experiment and have posted the journal and results here.

I started out with two teams each consisting of a ditto, the legendary birds, mewtwo and mew starting at level 7. One team was cloned using a Monster Brain from Yellow to Crystal. I removed the trading advantage from the Crystal team to make comparing the stats easier. The objective was to see if any other moves were learned when the pokémon already new the move, and to see if training from a lower level would make much difference raising legendaries that usually were only obtainable at high levels.

I compared the stats to the maximum stats at level 100 that were posted on the Legendary Pokémon site (using neutral natures) and the stats given in the so-called Perfect Guides published by Versus Books. The staff there raised several of each species of pokémon to level 100 then recorded the mean average of the stats.

I didn’t give my pokémon any nutrients. They would have only been an additional 10 points increase anyway. The thing that seems strange to me is that the pokémon from Yellow came out stronger than the ones from Crystal. I expected the reverse to happen.
27-09-2009, 12:55 PM
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RE: Legendary Pokémon from Level 7 Experiment Results
Interesting research, though I admittedly skipped part of the explanation and jumped right to the results.
Nonetheless some results would fluctuate depending on the training area since Effort Points (the old generation kind, current formulae don't apply) have a major effect on their stats.
Still it remains an interesting and original -may I add- research, outlining the potential of trained teams in retro Pokemon games.

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RE: Legendary Pokémon from Level 7 Experiment Results
Thanks. In another discussion it came to light that having each of my pokémon hold a lucky egg in Crystal may have led to the sub-par stats. They fought fewer pokémon to advance and that led to fewer EVs. In the old games you weren’t awarded effort points, but EVs equal to the base stat of the foe. This would affect all stats, I think, instead of just one or two.

It would seem that there are pros and cons of both systems for training pokémon. I wonder how different things would be if the old EV system was used with the way stats are determined in the last two generations. That is having max IVs of 31 instead of 15 and six base stats instead of five combined with obtaining EVs based on the foe’s base stats instead of obtaining stat points based on 1 to 3 effort points per foe. Although natures, pokérus and devices like the macho brace and power items have a huge impact also. They apparently do not ‘water down’ the effort values like items like lucky punch and Experience Share do either.

Any way the point was to show that there is an advantage, even in raising legendaries, to begin training as early as possible. Yes, there is the box trick so it really doesn’t make any difference for level 100 pokémon, but for the mid-level pokémon it would make a definite difference. Besides, the box trick was unintentional. If it had been programmed so that the re-calculation of stats could not be exploited, there would not have been any way to achieve near-perfect stats after level 100.

BTW, I tried finding the Base Stats table that I used for reference, but I cannot find it. It had multiple entries to take into account the different natures.

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