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RE: Battle Tower Team - EnergyMan - 04-03-2011 10:42 PM

Hello everybody,

I am new here.

A few days ago, I beat the champion and advanced to the Battle Frontier.
Now, I'm struggling to get more further then 24 killing streaks. There always is a pokemon with Swagger, Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave.. and if my pokemon get confused, they only hit themselfs over and over.

My team is:

Sassy Nature / Choice Scarfed
Trick, Thunder Wave, Flash, Memento.

Jolly nature / Wide Lens.
Psycho Cut, Stone Edge, Close Combat, Bulk Up.

Jolly Nature / Razor Claw
Substitute, Swords Dance, Night Slash, Earthquake.

None of my pokemon is EV trained.
My strategy is: Use Uxie's trick to make the opponent use it's one move over and over. If it is a move like agillity, swords dance, thunder wave, or just a non-attacking move, I just switch to Gliscor, use substitute -> swords dance and then sweep all three of opponent's pokemon.
If the opponent's pokemon uses an attacking move, I use Flash, to lower it's accuracy and then Memento, to lower it's Sp.Attack and Attack.
Then switch to Gliscor and ... I know a Garchomp would be better for this, but Gliscor is my fav. pokemon.
Gallade.. basically.. Gallade kills anything. It's awesome attack and remarkable defences really help me out.

RE: Battle Tower Team - infraredPr - 31-03-2011 03:59 AM

Hey guys.
Clearly, I am new here.

But I am somewhat forum savvy so I'm not toooo much of a n00b.

Anyways, I apologize for EnergyMan there for resurrecting, but I seem to have a similar problem with said battle tower.

I can beat palmer second time no problem, but I can't get much farther than that. The newer pokemon seem to just be...better. Maybe my team's inadequate? you be the judge.

Metagross @I couldn't think of a better item at the time: Metal Coat
Adamant 152 hp/252atk/104sp
Clear body
-Meteor Mash
-Thunder Punch

Meteor Mash = good STAB. Earthquake: good coverage, and powerful. Agility: One use and Metagross is generally faster than just about anything. Thunder Punch: type coverage.

Porygon-z @silk scarf
Timid 4hp/252sp/252SAtk
-Tri Attack
-Nasty Plot
-Ice Beam
-Dark Pulse

With the extra speed added, can outrun a good margin of pokemon. Tri Attack: good STAB, base power, coupled with silk scarf is deadly. Nasty Plot: use once, then tri attack. Enjoy sweeping. Ice beam: coverage. Dark pulse: for those ghost types that tri attack can't hit.

Togekiss @leftovers
Calm 252hp/4SAtk/252Sdef
Serene Grace
-Air Slash
-Aura Sphere
-Thunder Wave

Ooooo pure fun. Thunder wave: slows down the opponent, and with serene grace, has a higher chance of paralyzing opponent. The use air slash, since togekiss is faster. Again because of serene grace, air slash a 60% to flinch the opponent. Combine that 60% with paralysis, absolutely crippling. Roost is for health recovery if needed. Aura sphere is for some types that use evasion and for coverage.

When I made this team it seemed pretty solid. Tips?

RE: Battle Tower Team - pragnus - 20-08-2011 09:30 AM

hey guys i was wondering if my team was good enough to take on the battle tower and beat the tycoon twice. My team is:

Raikou w/life orb
6 hp / 252 s.atk / 252 spd
-aura sphere
-shadow ball

Vaporeon w/leftovers
252 hp / 58 s.atk / 200 def
-ice beam

aerodactyl w/king's rock (flinch hax)
6hp / 252 atk / 252 spd
-thunder fang\
-ice fang >> flich haxes
-rock slide /

I wasn't so sure about the aerodactyl but the flinch haxes work pretty well as well as aerodactyl being a strong pokemon in general. the only other consideration i had was a gliscor, but im not sure.Dodgy

RE: Battle Tower Team - the professor - 16-12-2011 06:09 AM

Ok im fairly new to the battle tower, but i have done extensive research (and tried it out for myself) on many different pokemon. I use a couple different teams, but here is my first:
Garchomp: Sand Veil, Adamant @ Life Orb (252 atk, 252 spd, 6 hp)
  • Earthquake (good STAB)
  • Outrage (again good STAB)
  • Ice Fang (good coverage) or sword dance
  • Fire fang (for those pesky steel pokemon with levitate)

Gengar: levitate, modest @ Focus Sash (252 satk, 252 spd, 6 hp)
  • counter (mixed with focus sash=OHKO)
  • Destiny Bond (use after a counter, or at low health)
  • sludge bomb (good stab)
  • shadow ball (good stab)

Blissy: natural cure, bold @ Leftovers (252 hp, 252 def, 6 sdef)
  • toxic
  • ice beam (good coverage, and can freeze)
  • substitute
  • softboiled

This was my first team. Basically i will lead off with Gengar. I will use sludge bomb on anything its normal effective against (because its stronger than shadow ball), and shadow ball for the rest. If i know a pokemon has a strong physical attack then i will counter. I leave myself with one hp with my focus sash, then i counter for a OHKO. After that i will usually use destiny bond until they kill me. When my gengar goes down, i have usually already downed one or two pokemon. I send out my Garchomp. He is a wonderfull physical sweaper. His earthquake and outrage STABs added to the life orb, and maybe a sword dance results in a huge attack bonus. He can sweep almost anything he is confronted with. If Garchomp goes down, i call in Blissy. Blissy is my wall. I will substitute right away, to avoid any status ailments, then i will throw out a toxic to start the damage going. Depending on if my opponent uses physical attacks or not i will either soft boil every turn, or icebeam (all while leftovers heals me over time). This team has gotten to 97...just shy of that 100 milestone. Please tell me what you guys think

RE: Battle Tower Team - Vahn Death Heart - 02-04-2012 08:51 PM

Need some help with my team
Bastiodon@dont know yet
Metal Burst
Magnet Rise

Ice Punch
Brick Break
Arial Ace
Night Slash

Alakazam@again dont know
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast
Hyper Beam