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"Team Building" - Shell/Snail pokemon
11-05-2010, 05:14 PM (This post was last modified: 12-05-2010 11:01 AM by Arty2.)
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"Team Building" - Shell/Snail pokemon
im looking to build my new team on pokemon SoulSilver i seem to have a thing for Snail pokemon or just pokemon with shell's it would be most fantastic if i could get a small list of shell/Snail pokemon and if they exist in soulsilver these day's i thank you all in advance

list i have found already Smile
11-05-2010, 07:55 PM
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RE: "Team Building" - Shell/Snail pokemon
First of all, Stermit and Escargoo are fake Pokémon, created by a Pokémon community, they can't be found in any games.

As for other snail Pokémon or Pokémon with a shell, I took my time and circled most of them in this image:
All of them can be found in SoulSilver or at least can be traded to it by another game. If you can't find some of them, ask for them in the GTS.
12-05-2010, 01:32 AM
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RE: "Team Building" - Shell/Snail pokemon
Ahh... well i found a online "pokedex" and it linked me to those.

Thank you very muvh for the list, now all i have to do is find names of them. i have been asked to be a "Gym leader" at a Anime convention im going to. so i have decided on shell based pokemon. how funny would it be to see loads of pokemons with shells whiping your ass Toungue
12-05-2010, 02:16 AM
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RE: "Team Building" - Shell/Snail pokemon
The Pokémon I've circled are: Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise, Shellder, Cloyster, Lapras, Omanyte, Omastar, Dunsparce, Shuckle, Slugma, Magcargo, Anorith, Armaldo, Clamperl, Shelgon, Turtwig, Grotle, Torterra, Shellos and Gastrodon.
13-05-2010, 09:12 AM
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RE: "Team Building" - Shell/Snail pokemon
Make sure you have a Physical wall Cloyster. Here goes...

Bold (+Def, -Atk)@ Leftovers
Spikes/ Toxic Spikes
Rapid Spin
252 HP, 252 Def

[Image: 2ykjtq1.jpg]

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