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Rescuers Unite!
08-11-2010, 10:35 PM
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Rescuers Unite!
I'm not done yetBig Grin

Chapter 1: Ten years passed since Charmeleon retired at his young age. Pikachu and Bulbasour, with some gentle guiding by Bayleef, have been running the Rescue guild quite nicely. The entire old crew has graduated, and set off to become official teams, and often drop by to see their old teachers and friends. A new generation of recuer trainees have arived, and the adventure begins here.

"Okay everyone. Today marks your first day of solo missions, and I'm sure you'll all do well." Raichu said.
"We have complete faith in all of you." Ivysour said.
"You to might, but I'm not so sure they've gottne all the expirience they need." Meganium said.
"Aunty Meganium has such faith in you guys." Raichu said.
"We can do it!" The guild cheered. The are comprised of: Vulpix and her partner Shinx (male), known as Team Sparkflash, Treeko and his partner Ponyta(female), known as Team Speed, and Larvitar and his partner Budew(female) known as Team Clash.
"They sure seem up to it, don't you agree?" Raichu asked.
"There's no question that they think they can, but I'm worried if they really can without our help." Meganium said.
"You worry too much. Besides, they know they aren't suppossed to do any missions beyond C rank, right?" Ivysour asked.
"Right!" They responded.
"Well...okay." Meganium said.
"Okay everyone, move out!" Raichu said. They eagerly recieved their jobs and left for the dungeons assigned.
"They sure have enough enthusiasm." Meganium sighed.
"They sure do." Raichu said.
"Oh yeah. What was that business with the whole Aunty Meganium thing?" Meganium asked.
"They all think of you as their aunt." Ivysour said.
"Oh. Well then, I guess I can't be mad." Meganium said.
"Nope. Anyways, it seems like they took all the jobs on the board, so what do you guys want to do today?" Raichu asked.
"I want to head to the cafe for awhile. I've been dying for one of those Gummi Sodas." Ivysour said.
"I'm going to visit our exploration friends." Riachu said.
"I'm not sure what I want to do." Meganium said.
"Well, whatever you decide to do, enjoy." Raichu said. He and Ivysour left, leaving the whole guild empty excpet for Meganium. She wandered around for a bit, then decided to take a walk around town. When she reached the town square, she saw Pelipper in the sky dropping multiple flyers. When pokemon picked them up and read them, they paniced and screamed.
"ENOUGH!" Meganium shouted. They pokemon stopped, but the look of fear on their faces didn't disappear.
"Now what has gotten all of you so shaken up?" Meganium asked, picking up a flyer. It read: Warning! A rogue band of pokemon have been spotted near Treasure Town. They are extremely dangerous and have not been known to show mercy to any who get in their way. They are responsible for many disappearances, and have last been spotted near Waterfall Cave.
"Wait, Waterfall cave? One of our teams went there!" Meganium said, and rushed to get Raichu and Ivysour. Upon hearing the news, Raichu used an emergency-fall abck signal worked out. He shot a powerful Thunder into the air, and within minutes, Team Clash and Team Speed were right in front of them.
"Where are Vulpix and Shinx?" Ivysour asked.
"They went to Waterfall Cave today." Larvitar said.
"I was afraid of that." Meganium said.
"What's the matter?" Ponyta asked.
"A rogue band of very dangerous pokemon are near Waterfall Cave, and we must get them!" Meganium said. Off they went to Waterfall Cave, and charged through the entrance. They saw a Salamence, Flygon, and Gliscor surrounding Vulpix and Shinx, both badly beaten.
"You can't leave, seeing as how you've seen where we are. Nothing personal." Gliscor said evilly.
"Stop!" Meganium shouted. They turned to see her and the rest of the guild, though the recruits were shaking slightly.
"Humph. And what do you want? We were just about to finish off these weaklings, but we'll get to dealing with you right after these two." Salamence said.
"No you won't!" Raichu said. He zapped Salamence silly with Thunderbolt, not taking that kindly.
"Okay, now it's on." Salamence said. Before he could hit him with Dragon Pulse, he was zapped again by Thunderbolt.
"Hey! Let the guy get a shot in!" Flygon said, and shot a Flamethrower at Raichu. Ponyta jumped in front of it and absorbed it with her ability.
"You're really getting on my nerves." Gliscor said. He wipped up a Sandstorm, only to be blown back by Magical Leaf.
"Face it! You can't win against all of us, so you might as well give in." Meganium said.
"Yeah right. If we were really this weak, don't you think we'd have been caught long ago?" Salmence asked. With Gliscor's X-Scizzor, Salamence and Flygon hit them hard with a double Dragon Rage, and they were knocked out. When they came to, they were outside the dungeon with Vulpix and Shinx, and all of them were very badly injured. Meganium managed to get herself up and used an Escape orb to warp all of them back to the guild, where she passed out once more, content in the knowledge they were safe.

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
new fanfic!!!!!!!i'm sure it's goining to be great!!!!!!

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
Always nice to have a confidence boost every now and then

Chapter 2: When they finally woke up, Raichu and Ivysour quickly got medicine for any who needed it, and they all needed it. There wasn't one member, not even Raichu or Ivysour, who didn't have something bandaged.
"Well, that wasn't what I had hoped for." Raichu said.
"Today was a complete failure." Ivysour said.
"Not completely. We managed to save Vulpix and Shinx, right?" Meganium said.
"True, but I still can't get over how easily we were beaten. They took us out like we were nothing." Raichu said.
"They got us by surprise, that's all. Next time, we'll be ready." Meganium said. Deciding they were in no condition to do any rescues today, the guild got their dinner and went to bed, though due to their injuries, no one got a peaceful rest that night. The next morning, no one felt any better, though they knew that the jobs had to be done, and willed themselves to do the days work. Despite their determination, they were unable to get so far as the seecond floor of any dungeons on the first try. Through sneaking around and avoiding as much fights as possible, the jobs were done, but the effort left them in worse shape than before.
"We can't keep doing this you know." Ivysour said upon getting back to the guild.
"What other option is there? We're the only rescuers for miles." Raichu said.
"Can't we ask the Wigglytuff guild for help?" Meganium asked.
"Maybe. We'll see tomorrow." Raichu said. Fortune smiled on them the next day, as Team Speed claimed to be at full strength again.
"Great news. I'm glad that you weren't hurt too much." Ivysour said.
"We ate plenty of Oran Berries last night, and now we're fully healed." Treeko said.
"Oran Berries? Why didn't I think of that?!" Raichu exclaimed. He went to gather many Oran Berries, then distributed them amongst the guild. Within a few minutes, they had all made full recoveries, including Raichu and Ivysour.
"Now we can do ourjobs much easier." Raichu said. Pelipper suddenly flew in and handed a copy of the news and a letter to Raichu, then took off.
"What does the news say?" Vulpix asked.
"No, read the letter first." Budew said.
"I'm going to read the news, then the letter, okay?" Raichu said.
"Well then, read it." Meganium said.
"Okay. It says, 'Teams or Trouble? Upon research, there have been a mass outbreak of teams being formed from all over the area. From Northern Desert to Foggy Forest, teams have been formed. However, several of those teams have comitted crimes of theft and violence, all of them considered extremely dangerous. Reasons behind this crime spree are unknown, but Officer Magnezone and his deputies are certainly kept busy. Very few of the newly formed teams have done nothing, good or bad, but are not recommended to go near.'" Raichu read off.
"Great. Now we have more of them to worry about." Ivysour said.
"Wait, there's more. 'Upon further investigation, mltiple rogue pokemon were spotted near an area called Pokemon Square, but in just one day were silenced and brought to justice by one pokemon. When asked to be interviewed, he gave no comment other than crime will not be tolerated in his area. If we are lucky, perhaps that powerful pokemon will come and aid our region. The leader of all the rogue teams seems to be a team called Blind Dragon, formed by a Gliscor, Salamence, and Flygon. For your safety, staying indoors and away from any and all mystery dungeons is strongly advised.'" Raichu read.
"Team Blind Dragon? That's what they call themselves? Well, seems fitting that brutes such as them would be in charge of something as terrible as this." Ivysour said.
"At least we know that those are the ones to go after to stop this, right Meganium? Meganium?" Raichu asked.
"Sorry, I was just thinking about something." Meganium said.
"You were thinking about the mysterious pokemon that beat all those rogues single-handed, right?" Shinx asked.
"Yeah. I'm sure I know who it is, but I'm not sure he'd be willing to help us." Meganium said.
"You know who it is?" Ivysour asked.
"Yep." Meganium said.
"Feel like sharing?" Ponyta asked.
"I don't want to get any hopes up, but I'm leaving very soon to ask him for help." Meganium said.
"How soon?" Raichu asked.
"As soon as I get enough supplies." Meganium said.
"Wait! What about the letter?" Larvitar asked.
"Oh right! I forgot about it. It says 'I've long sice evolved and lived at peace. Able to fully enjoy life without worry, and loved it. Until, about a few days ago, one hundred rogue pokemon came into my territory and started to rampage Poemon Square. Furious, I took out my anger on them and knocked them all out in one single shot. I then had the local officers take them to justice, and not even five minutes later, interviewers came and asked me for comments, or how I beat them so easily. I heard something that troubled me, though, from one of them. They said that a mass outbreak of rogue teams had appeared in your region, all of them very strong. I got rid of them quickly and bade fairwell to everyone. After reassuring them that this area was safe for good, I immediately set off for your region, and eager to see some old faces.'" Raichu read.
"Who is it?" Vulpix asked eagerly.
"No name, but I know who it is from the signature. 'Glad to be out of retirement'. Well, now we have the best chance ever to beat the rogue teams!" Raichu said.
"Who is it?!?" The crew yelled.
"The original founder of this guild is coming to assist us." Ivysour said.
"A name please." Shinx said impatiently.
"It will be wonderful to see my old partner again. I can't wait for him to get here!" Meganium said excitedly.
"You'll see who it is shortly. For now, we have work to do." Raichu said.
"Fine." They sighed in responce.
Stupid question, but can you guess who?

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
I'm not sure,but I 'll say charmeleon who evolved into charizardToungue
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RE: Rescuers Unite!
Chapter 3: "Who is coming? Why won't you tell us?" Vulpix asked.
"You'll see in due time, I promise." Raichu said.
"We'll see, but can't you tell us?" Shinx asked.
"Don't worry about it. Besides, you two have to hurry up. The other teams left already." Ivysour said.
"Fine." Vulpix said. She left with Shinx, and half an hour later there was a knock at the entrance.
"Who is it?" Raichu asked.
"You haven't forgotten us already have you?"
"Wait, is that Leafeon and Glaceon I hear?" Ivysour asked.
"Yep. Good to see you two again. My, how you've changed. Last I saw, you two hadn't evolved yet." Glaceon said.
"Yeah well, we've been kept busy and trained hard." Raichu said.
"Madame Meganium." Leafeon said.
"Madame?" Meganium asked.
"You are a powerful grass type, and I'm just showing respect." Leafeon said.
"Thank you." Meganium said.
"Now then, is it safe to assume you have come for more reasons than to just say hello?" Raichu asked.
"Yes. Actually, Absol came and found us and told us of the rogues, so we came here. In fact, the whole gang is up at Treasure Town getting supplies. Well, everyone but Charmeleon." Glaceon said.
"Great news! Thanks for coming." Ivysour said.
"No problem." Leafeon said.
"Yeah, what were we suppossed to do anyways? Sit back and let rogues terrorize pokemon? Besides, we thought maybe we'd get to see our old guildmaster again." Glaceon said.
"It's funny you say that. We just got a letter from him saying he's on his way here as we speak." Raichu said.
"Great. I'd love to see him again after all this time." Leafeon said.
"So, who are the new recruits meant to replace us?" Glaceon asked.
"No one could replace you two. You know that." Ivysour said.
"Just teasing. Seriously though, I'll have to judge them when they get back." Glaceon said.
"Got to see if they are up to the task." Leafeon said. A few hours passed by, and during that time, the old crew came and had a small reunion. It was dusk when the current guild rookies returned, just to find their guild full of pokemon they don't know eating with their guildmasters.
"Who are these guys?" Vulpix asked.
"What is going on here?" Budew asked.
"New recruits or what?" Larvitar asked.
"Ah, you've returned. Good, now we can introduce you to the ones who graduated before you." Raichu said.
"We're Team Frost Forest. I'm Leafeon and this is my partner Glaceon." Leafeon said.
"We're known as Team Midnight. I'm Absol, and this is my partner Mightyena." Absol said.
"We go by Team Accel. I'm Lucario, and these are my partners Skarmory, and Xatu." Lucario said.
"So, if you already graduated, why are you here?" Shinx asked.
"Why else but to help with the rogues?" Skarmory said.
"You think you can beat them?" Ponyta said smugly.
"Well, with the help of my team, yes." Lucario said.
"Doubt it. We fought them and lost big time, but it won't be the same again. We know what we did wrong, and we can take care of them ourselves next time. You can just go back to where you came from, cause we don't need any help." Treeko said, then marched off with the rest of them off to their rooms.
"Pleasant little guys, aren't they?" Mightyena said.
"Sorry guys. I don't know what has gotten into them." Ivysour said.
"Forget about it. It's a pride thing, we've all been there at onepoint or another." Leafeon said.
"Still, it's no excuse." Raichu said.
"No worries. Once they see how strong we really are, they'll warm up to us." Glaceon said.
"An ice type speaking of warming up? Now I've seen everything." Xatu said.
"Hey, anyone know where our old guildmaster is?" Lucario asked.
"On his way now." Raichu said.
"Good. This place never did feel right after he left." Skarmory said.
"I know what you mean. Meganium has helped us a lot. If not for her, we'd never make it as far as we have now." Ivysour said.
"Speaking of whom, where is she?" Absol asked.
"She went to bed early. She thinks the sooner she goes to bed, the sooner he'll arrive." Raichu said.
"Bed is actually starting to sound good right now." Leafeon yawned.
"Yeah. I'm tired. Our rooms still here?" Mightyena asked.
"Yup. Luckily this place is so big." Raichu said. They ate the rest of their food and went to bed. The next morning, the new and old recruits got up and ready, waiting for the days orders.
"Just like old times." Absol said.
"I know. But it'd really feel like old times if he were here already." Mightyena said.
"Wait, who is he?" Treeko asked.
"Oh, feel like talking now, huh?" Absol said.
"Look, they refuse to tell us who exactly is coming, could you?" Vulpix asked.
"Well, if they won't, I'd better not either." Mightyena said.
"Uurgh!" Shinx growled.
"Okay, until we get the last member of our group, things will go as they normaly do, but teams will pair up for better protection." Raichu said.
"Team Accel will go with Team Speed. Team Midnight will go with Team Sparkflash, and that leaves Team Frost Forest with Team Clash." Ivysour said.
"Don't slow us down." Vulpix said.
"Try to keep up." Mightyena said.
"Okay, now move out." Raichu said.
Chapter 4: The guild members went to action, leaving with their team match-ups with a little reluctancy. When they got back, however, they rookies could not stop praising the strength of the veteran crew.
"You were so fast I couldn't keep up!" Ponyta said.
"Thanks. Lots of practice." Lucario said.
"So, I take it you all have different opinions of our old friends?" Raichu asked.
"Yup!" They said in unison.
"Well good. That makes thing smuch easier. Okay, dinner for the rookies, the rest will catch up." Ivysour said. They left for the dinner hall, all eagerly chatting about their experiences with their match-up team.
"So, any trouble?" Raichu asked.
"Nothing on my end." Lucario said.
"Same here." Absol said.
"All's good with my end." Leafeon said.
"I'm not sure whether to feel glad or paraniod." Raichu said.
"Don't worry, when the time comes, we'll be ready." Skarmory said.
"And the time will come sooner than you think." Absol said.
"What do you mean?" Ivysour asked.
"I'm getting the feeling that an ambush will happen tomorrow, but I don't know who will get hurt or where. Stange, I always know who will get injured ahead of time." Absol said.
"Nevertheless, all of you best be on your guards tomorrow." Raichu said.
"We got it. Now, we'll definetely get beat if I don't get some food in me right away!" Mightyena said. They left to get food, Meganium eating quickly and getting to bed early, then they went to sleep. The next morning, the teams left to do their missions, Team Frost Forest and Team Clash going to Beach Cave.
"An easy dungeon, we'll be done in no time." Leafeon said.
"I almost wish there was a rogue team here. This is too easy." Larvitar said.
"Careful what you wish for." Glaceon murmured. Progressing to the third floor, they saw their client, Roselia, and appraoched her. When they got into the same room, however, a bunch of pokemon dropped down.
"Monster House!" Budew yelled.
"No problem." Leafeon said, and fired a Razor Leaf at all of them.
"This is a low leveled dungeon, so this will be a piece of cake." Glaceon said.
"You wish." Roselia said. The pokemon were indeed fainted. but in their place, a Tangrowth and a Beedrill popped out of nowhere.
"What is this?!?" Leafeon demanded.
"An ambush by Team Thorn. Get them!" Roselia said. Beedrill shot a Poison Sting in rapid fire, knocking Budew out quickly. Before anyone could react, Tangrowth fainted Larvitar with Vine Whip.
"Fast and strong. This won't be easy." Glaceon said.
"Just when I thought we'd be the safe ones." Leafeon said. Beedrill shot Pin Missle into the air, and they all landed on Leafeon and Glaceon.
"OUCH! That really hurt!" Leafeon yelled.
"Tangrowth, get moving with that Solarbeam!" Roselia said.
"What?!?" Glaceon screamed. They turned their attention to Tangrowth just in time to see him fire a giant Solarbeam at them. Leafeon and Glaceon closed their eyes and braced themselves for a blast that never reached them. They had their eyes closed the entire time, but still heard movement. When they opened their eyes, Tangrowth, Beedrill, and Roselia were on the ground, fainted. But what Leafeon and Glaceon were really looking at were the scorch marks covering them. Turning around, they screamed in joy and ran to jump on Charizard.
"Miss me much?" Charizard asked.
"More than you'll ever know!" Leafeon said.
"You must pride yourself in your timing, because it couldn't have been any better!" Glaceon said.
"Well, when I saw and took care of a fainted Larivitar and Budew, I came in here to see what all the comotion was. Good thing this place is right across from the Rescue guild, otherwise I'd have never gotten here in time." Charizard said.
"Great to see you again." Leafeon said.
"Likewise. Now, how about you help me get these weaklings to the police?" Charizard asked.
"Weak to you maybe, but they were really strong to us." Glaceon said.
"Huh. Guess you two weren't as prepared as usual, cause I know these guys weren't as strong as you." Charizard said.
"They got the jump on us." Leafeon said.
"Tell me about it while we get these guys to Magnezone." Charizard said.

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
Chapter 5: Exiting the Beach Cave, Charizard was carrying both the unconcious Team Clash and Tangrowth, while Leafeon carried Beedrill and Glaceon carried Roselia, heading for Teasure Town. Leafeon and Glaceon were still joyful at Charizard's return, they were eagerly chatting away, asking him questions and telling him of their successes. After handing Roselia's team over to officer Magnezone, Charizard, still holding Team Clash, led the way back to his old guild.
"It's so great to see you again, you have no idea." Leafeon said.
"Well, after ten years away from any action, I couldn't resist coming here to help." Charizard said.
"Any action at all?" Glaceon asked.
"Yep. I've even stopped training, not thinking I'd need to, so sorry that I'm a little rusty." Charizard said.
"Rusty? You took out a rogue team with ease by yourself! I'd hate to fight you when you're at the top of your game." Leafeon said.
"Just because of type differences. Ah, we're finally here." Charizard said. Arriving at the guild, he happily flew in, carefully layed Team Clash down onto the floor, and flew around the guild. When he was out of sight, Larvitar and Budew stirred, and got up, looking around.
"Where are we?" Larvitar asked.
"Where are those rogues?" Budew asked.
"At the guild." Leafeon said.
"Taken care of." Glaceon said.
"You took them down?" Larvitar said in awe.
"Well, no we-"
"You really are the best! Now that is something to brag about to the others." Budew said.
"Listen, we didn't-"
"Wait, let the others get back, then tell us how you beat them." Larvitar said.
"Listen!" Leafeon yelled. Larvitar and Budew jumped and focused on Leafeon.
"We didn't beat them. In fact, they were about to beat us." Glaceon said.
"Then how are we still okay?" Budew asked.
"Because, we had help. The pokemon we've been waiting for to arrive, the one who you've all been pestering us about to tell you, showed up and took them down before we were about to be taken out." Leafeon said.
"What?!? Where is he?" Larvitar asked.
"1" Charizard swooped in and landed, scaring Larvitar and Budew silly.
"Meet our old guildmaster, and todays hero, Charizard." Leafeon said.
"He is so strong, he took them out easily, yet he says he's rusty." Glaceon said. Larvitar and Budew cautiously went up to Charizard, unsure of their opinion on him.
"Hello there. It's nice to see some new rescuers here." Charizard said.
"Hi. I'm Larvitar, and this is my partner, Budew. We're Team Clash." Larvitar said.
"I can't believe you beat those rogues that easily." Budew said.
"Type advantage, plus they were on the weak side. The only reason they nearly beat Team Frost Forest, one of the best teams I know, is because they relied on tricks, and nothing more. Get by those, and they were really no problem." Charizard said.
"We've been getting a little soft ourselves, letting our guard down like that." Leafeon said.
"Don't worry, just be on the watch from now on, okay?" Charizard asked.
"Got it." They said together. Larvitar and Budew were shocked by the sight. Here was their heroes praising this new pokemon. They realized that he must be incredibly powerful, no matter how gentle he appeared now.
"So, where are Pikachu and Bulbasour hiding? With Bayleef I presume?" Charizard asked.
"I'm not sure where they are, but they have all evolved now." Leafeon said.
"No kidding? Even Bayleef?" Charizard asked.
"Meganium now." Glaceon said.
"Huh. Good for them. That means they have been working hard." Charizard said.
"Did you really know our guildmasters when they weren't evolved?" Larvitar asked.
"Yep. I even inspired them to become rescuers, and I taught them all I know." Charizard said.
"How do you know Aunt Meganium?" Budew asked.
"Aunt?" Charizard asked.
"Well, we all call her that because she is always there for us, making sure we're safe." Larvitar said.
"Huh. Today's full of surprises. Anyways, Meganium was my partner in Team Wild Fire." Charizard said.
"No wonder why she knows so much about dungeons." Larvitar said.
"She is a traveler. So, where are they?" Charizard asked.
"I think they were going to the cafe for awhile to discuss ways of beating the rogue teams." Budew said.
"Okay then, I'll just wait here." Charizard said.
"In the mean time, can you give us some pointers?" Larvitar asked.
"Sure, why not." Charizard said.

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
looking for one more team, open to suggestions

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
i have an idea!!!a team formed by a mudkip and eevee but i'm not sure how to call them...

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
Here's one more idea:A team formed from totodile and chimchar named team fire sea
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RE: Rescuers Unite!
1: I love it how you two are always the first to respond, I really do
2: In all fairness, LuXray responded first, but she has two more days to come up with a name for her team, a fair amount of time, before I go to golden charizard's suggestion

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
i've got it!!! the team will be called 'team rainbow'
is it a stupid name???

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
Not if the team is all girls and very, very young. I suggest Team Spot Out
Chapter 6: The day passed on as Charizard relaxed in his old guild, enjoying being back. Just before sunset, the rest of the guild returned, from either the cafe or rescue missions.
"I'm just stumped." Raichu said.
"Same here." Ivysour said.
"Come on, we can't just give up! There has to be a way to beat those rogues." Meganium said. They proceeded down, where Leafeon and Glaceon greeted them.
"Hey guys." Leafeon said.
"Hi. How did your mission go?" Raichu asked.
"Well, lets just say we know who Absol's warning was directed to." Glaceon said.
"You two? Are you alright?" Ivysour asked worridly.
"We're just fine, as is Team Clash." Leafeon said.
"Oh, you had me worried. Although, I guess I shouldn't have underestimated you two." Raichu said.
"Well, the thing is, we were nearly beaten, when we were saved." Leafeon said.
"Saved? By who?" Meganium asked.
"Where are the others?" Leafeon asked.
"Just coming down now." Lucario said. He and the rest of the guild climbed down and gathered next to Raichu and Ivysour.
"So, tell us who saved you." Ivysour said.
"We shouldn't have to tell you." Glaceon said.
"Wait, do you mean" Leafeon and Glaceon nodded happily, and Raichu, Ivysour, and Meganium looked around frantically.
"Where is he?" Meganium asked.
"In his old room of course." Leafeon said. They ran to the room, the others on their tail. They opened the door, and those who knew him cheered loudly upon the sight of Charizard.
"Hello everyone." Charizard said.
"You can't keep in touch at all, can you?" Meganium asked.
"Nope. Sorry, I was too busy enjoying the peace in Pokemon Square, and I kept forgetting." Charizard said.
"You look like you've been keeping in shape." Ivysour said.
"No, I'm very rusty as a matter of fact. Too much slack, no training at all in the past ten years." Charizard said.
"And yet you are still this powerful." Raichu said.
"You all look like you've been working hard as well. You've all evolved, and kept this place in top shape." Charizard said.
"Wait, so this is the guy you've been so eager to see?" Vulpix asked.
"Yep. This is Charizard, former master rank rescuer and original guildmaster of the Rescue guild." Raichu said.
"Former rescuer?" Budew asked.
"Yeah, see I left an area I was assigned to come back here and save this region, but apparently that was against the rules, no matter the reason, and I was fired. That's gratitude for you." Charizard said casually.
"What have you been doing since then?" Larvitar asked.
"Relaxing and enjoying the peace." Charizard answered.
"That's all?" Skarmory asked.
"I'd never peg you as one to simply lounge around." Xatu said.
"I guess I enjoyed relaxing too much." Charizard said with a grin.
"Never mind that. All that matters is that you are our ace in the hole for beating those rogues." Mightyena said.
"You guys really think he's that strong, huh?" Ponyta asked.
"The strongest pokemon I know." Raichu said, and the others agreed.
"Well then, now that everyone here knows me, how about we get down to business." Charizard said.

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
It's really good! Even if I hadn't read your previous fanfic,I could keep up easily. May I suggest a team?

Team Jokers (Enemy Team)

Sableye (Male)
Haunter (Male)
Misdreavus (Female)

I picture them as mischievous and a little silly.

Haunter would be the leader and would use ranged attacks like Shadow Ball,Dark Pulse, etc.

Sableye would be kinda hyperactive and would use close-combat attacks.

Misdreavus would be Haunter's girlfriend and would mainly support the team by inflicting status problems and reducing stats,as well as using Pain Split to heal the others.

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
Another team of rogues to go along with my story. Hey, idea forming! This story is about a mass outbreak of rogues, and there are only so many I can think up, so how about you, the readers, submit a total of ten rogue teams(not ten per user, ten all together) and I'll put them in this story

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RE: Rescuers Unite!
here's my rogue team
i present you......
Team Dark Blood(sounds too evil right?)
the members are:Umbreon(male with red rings insted of yellow)

About team:Umbreon is the leader (lol,umbreon rules).He's quite stubborn and hates being defeated
Houndoom is a little silly but he's very strong with an awsome speed stat
Zoroark is rarly seen in his real form.He prefers turning into other pokemon with his illusion abillity and he's very smart

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