Pokémon games

Pokémon has proved to be one of Nintendo's most selling series, with a strong supportive community even though many claim that it is a "childish" game. In fact, the "maturity" of a game comes from the players' hearts, and not the appearence of violence it it or not.

Pokémon games are often classified in Generations. A Generation is defined by the release of a Pokémon RPG which brings many new Pokémon to the scene. Some games are backwards compatible while others are not. However there are many spin-off games that do not belong in some certain category since they don't exchange data with any other games, while others cross the borders of two generations. Pokémon are also featured in a few other Nintendo games, like the Super Smash Bros. series.

Generation I "Color"

Generation I -> II

Generation II "Metal"

Generation III "Advanced"

Generation III -> IV

Generation IV

Other games

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