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Legendary Pokémon's History

Legendary Pokémon was first launched on Wednesday, 22 August 2001 by Hercules Papatheodorou a.k.a Arty2. It started mainly as a substitute to the fall of The Pokémasters for a group of the webmaster's friends and as a online playground for his first steps in web design. While the webmaster was Greek, all of his online friends were either from the UK or the USA thus the website was exclusively in english. However, an IRC channel on the Webnet network by the name #legendary_pokemon existed for a few months before the main website itself. Legendary Pokémon was soon honoured by PokémonCenter.com which invited, among others, this website to join its online advertising campaign but since then a lot of years have passed and many things have changed…

Every big change in the website's content was accompanied by a change of the layout; every incarnation of Legendary Pokémon is presented in this nostalgic page. You can even navigate a dummy version of every old layout that cannot be selected in the Control Panel. Most of the updates from those older versions can be still found in our Archive.

22 August 2001 - The beginning…

preview The very first version of the website had few original content: just some fanworks to be exact and was hosted on the webmaster's first ISP (OTEnet) under http://users.otenet.gr/~papirakl/. The website itself, first got the decent looking domain www.legendary.tk around these days. The webmaster and Morty were looking for Pokémon related news in other Pokémon or gaming websites while Trainer George would write episode guides. A couple of fanfics were rated by The Pokémasters' firepokemon back then. A lot of official japanese announcements were also translated to english. The orange-yellow background was taken from http://www.pokemongold.com/ while the picture of Celebi was taken from the official Pokémon 4Ever movie website and the pages were created by a WYSIWYG editor called NetObjects Fusion 2.

June 2002 - G/S/C GameBoy Edition

preview This was an interesting year marked by the release of Ruby/Sapphire. The webmaster could obviously not understand what margin and padding were about hence the continued background above the header. A big innovation of Legendary Pokémon back then was a weekly internet radio show with Pokémon songs broadcasted by a 24k dial-up; though its only listeners were staff members Morty, Nodmaster, Die_Bond and chatroom regular Cezzie. Legendary Pokémon and Pikachu's Den have been affiliated since then. Xeno_Lugia from Serebii.net allowed the webmaster to put some of his excelent movie summaries on the website. The forums first opened by the end of this year.

01 January 2003 - R/S GameBoy Edition

preview The Greek section of the website first opened during this stage, just a month after the initial release. A lot of pages were added during this era and most of them, even slightly altered, have survived to this day. The tabled layout was created by NetObjects Fusion 7. Legendary Pokémon was also the first to offer a WAP version of the website for mobile phone users.

26 August 2003 - Silver Sky

preview This new tabled layout was mimicing the style of www.pokemon-card.com and was the most aesthetically pleasing till then yet some claim that its fancy on-hover navigation system was tough to get used to. It was the first to adopt the use of PHP and even a custom backend was designed to fulfil the website's needs and. It was the first with a proper Greek version. Legendary Pokémon was first hosted by theRealOne under http://pokemonempire.com/legendary/ for a few weeks, then experienced a downtime of two weeks and moved to http://animeworld.dragonballz.gr/legendary/ thanks to Morty for a while and then after a big downtime of 5 weeks came back thanks to mastershake, owner of PokémonPlant who offered to host the website under http://legendary.pokemonplant.com/ where it stayed till November 2004. The Berrydex was completed during this era. The website started serving compressed (Gzip) content and begun using Apache's mod_rewrite for nicer looking URLs and was also the second english website to offer an RSS feed; Pokémon Forever was the first to offer a feed after the following conversation:

Session Start (AIM - LPArty2:Meowth346): Sun Oct 05 11:07:57 2003

LPArty2: hm and btw, since your site is already in valid xhtml why don't you make it RSS compatible :D
Meowth346: What would I use RSS for?
Meowth346: I've thought about RSS, but I wonder how many people would use RSSR.

Meowth346: Yay, my RSS2 works (so far)!
Meowth346: Now to actually get the updates into it.

27 June 2004 - Colored Glass

preview This was the first "handwritten" XHTML/CSS, tableless version of the website; every layout since then is handcoded and Web Standards oriented. The website started using CuteNews and the main backend was greatly improved. Eraleas started helping with the site after an invitation from the webmaster and begun writing for the Pokémon Of The Week column. Trapper, a famous Greek Pokémon TCG player, wrote some reviews for the TCG section. The IV Calculator, Stat Calculator and our Downloadable IV Calculator were created during this era while our Pokédex was still in the works. This layout is pretty much identical to the next one therefore there's no preview for it.

17 December 2004 - Colored Glass (renewed)

preview After a month's downtime since the website's host (Pokémon Plant) went down forever, Legendary Pokémon returned under www.legendarypokemon.net hosted for the first time on a payed server. The Attack Database was completed during this era. The backend changed to AJ-Fork and the website started widely using friendly URLs. Colored Glass still remains one of the most appealing layouts the website has ever had because of the alpha transparent PNGs that it widely makes use of.

19 February 2005 - Rayquaza

preview Just the Damage Calculator was added during the short period that this particular layout was active.

19 March 2005 - Lucario

preview Various little addition in sections like the Attack Database or the Berrydex. Legendary Pokémon's Pokédex becomes the first to have the cries of all monsters from R/S. The complete Pokédex was uploaded on 8 August 2005, "after countless hours of work and many lines of code"; SerebiiPP's Pokédex uses the same powerful codebase.

22 August 2005 - Shadow Lugia

preview A festive layout for the website's 4 years, and a cache mechanism for the Pokédex. A well known Nintendo "fan" in Greece, WhiteYoshi joins our staff and starts writing an innovative series of articles until his obligations hold him back. Blue also joined the site's staff this period. The Legendary Pokémon forums open once again after a long period of inactivity.

29 October 2005 - Minimal

preview A minimalistic layout obviously inspired by 31three, small in filesize and fully compatible even with outdated browsers like Internet Explorer. The Trainer Database was first launched during this period.

30 April 2006 - Mew (CSS Reboot version)

preview A complete redesign of the site's backend system was in the works but the new style had to be rushed for the Spring 2006 CSS Reboot. The whole website goes under a "rebranding" by adopting a silhouette of Mew as its "emblem" since there was no particular legendary Pokémon used as a signature logo till then. Unfortunately most of the files used in this layout have been overwritten with newer versions and all that is left is a screen capture.

03 July 2006 - Mew

preview The current layout is powered by a powerful backend, designed by the webmaster, merged with a heavily modified and enriched version of AJ-Fork. It was built with readability and usability (ease of use) in mind. This is the complete form of the previous layout; the backend redesign was not completed till late August.

Everything after this point is not of the past; join our growing community and let us write history together.

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