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Legendary Pokémon no longer offers a WAP version, however, if you own a modern mobile phone or palmtop or even if you use the Google WAP Proxy service, you can easily navigate this website. It's is theoritically accessible by any XHTML capable device and even offers a handheld stylesheet for the users of such devices.

If your are a PC or Mac user and you want to see how it looks like in a mobile device, I suggest you download the Opera browser which is capable of viewing WAP websites and changing the active stylesheet of a website to handheld (Shift+F11).


A ShotCode is a specialized barcode that can be scanned using your mobile phone and a little Java applet, providing a way to easily access websites without having to type a URL into your mobile phone's browser. There's also a small video that explains how ShotCodes work.

How do I install the software? (via www.shotcode.com)

The installation is run on your mobile phone, for this you have to get the ShotCode installer file onto your mobile phone.

This can be done in any of the four following ways:

  • Point your phone's webbrowser to shotcode.com and download the application directly to your mobile phone. The installation procedure will start automatically.
  • If you live in Holland, SMS the word "Shot" to 4411 and follow the steps. This is a premium SMS at the cost of €1,10 per SMS.
  • Download the software at our download section and transfer the .sis file to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, Infrared or a cable. Once the file is transferred, open it (it normally appears as a message on your phone) and follow the installation steps.
  • Download the software at our download section and email the software as an attachment to your mobile phone. For this you have to set up an email account on your mobile phone. You can ask your mobile phone provider for help on how to do this. When you've received the email on your mobile phone, open the attachment and follow the installation steps.


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