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A collection of games available to our forum users; registration is easy and free! When joining our forums you also become part of an active and ever growing Pokémon community so why not join us today? And remember: it's easy and of course for free!

some available games

other games from the web

Mini Kickups
Egg Jump
Air Hockey
Spot the Differences
Bubble Shooter
Pokemon Switch-a-roo!
Donkey Kong
Duck Hunt 2
Snake +
Gyro Ball
Classic Frogger
Dot Balls
Line Rider
Irritating Game
Advanced Curveball
PKMN Towering Legends
Rat n Roll Pinball


Pokemon games such as Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, are ONLY available on the Nintendo DSi.

Always remember that playing the above as ROM images is illegal. If you like a game, please buy it and help the producers make new games. Never contact us asking how to download ROMs, never.

Legacy Online Games

Below are some older Pokémon related games that you can play online. If you have enabled your browser's caching though you might be able to play them offline. They all require Javascript or Java to be enabled so make sure your browser supports those features. Some games, may not work properly in some browsers.

Real-life puzzle (Javasript)

A puzzle different from all othe ronline puzzles. Just like the real ones we have all played when we were little children. Can be played with the mouse.

Hoothoot's flight training (Java)

help Hoothoot get better at flying by avoiding all the green cans. Can be played with either direction arrows or with the mouse.
Hoothoot's flight training

Chicorita's Adventure (Javasript)

Help Chicorita find her owner's bag before those Cyndaquil burn you! Don't forget to collect the usefull berries and you walk and if a Cyndaquil blocks your way, jump on its head!
Chicorita's Adventure

Unown Tic Tac Toe (Java)

The classic tic tac toe now with Unowns in it! Check it out.
[Unown tic tac toe]

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