The Trick House

In Route 110, above Slateport there's a small house with a purple roof. When you enter it you will notice that someone is watching you! Talk to the furniture (cushions, desk, windows, plants etc.) and you will eventually find who was watching you. He is the Trick Master. His house is filled with puzzles and if you solve them he will give you some rare (in most cases unique) items. So, what are you waiting for? Go challenge him! All you need is to find the scroll, and head to the door, so simple…or not?

Trick house no.1

This is the easiest puzzle. You just use CUT on the trees and move on.

Trickhouse no.1
Lass(down): Oddish Lv.16
Lass(up): Skitty Lv.14,Marril Lv.14,Shroomish Lv.14
Youngster: Zigzagoon Lv.14,Zigzagoon Lv.16
Orange Mail
Rare Candy

Trick house no.2

It's getting a bit harder this time. Now, you have to press all the switches in order to clear your way.

Trickhouse no.2
Scoolkid(male-down): Ralts Lv.17
Schoolkid(female): Shroomish Lv.16,Beautyfly Lv.16
Schoolkid(male-up): Numel Lv.15,Wingull Lv.15,Oddish Lv.15
Harbor Mail
Wave Mail
Timer Ball

Trick house no.3

This time you will have to make your way through the doors which open and close. If you hit one switch, orange doors will open and blue doors will close and if you hit another, blue doors will open and orange doors will close and so on.

Trickhouse no.3
Picknicker(male): Kecleon Lv.24
Picknicker(female): Skitty Lv.23,Swablu Lv.23
Hiker: Geodude Lv.22,Graveler Lv.22,Nosepass Lv.22
Wood Mail
Shadow Mail
Hard Stone

Trick house no.4

Now you will need a Pokémon with STRENGTH. Just move the boulders as the diagram below shows and you're done. If you make a mistake, go out and then re-enter the room.

Trickhouse no.4
Blackbelt: Makuhita Lv.26,Machoke Lv.26
Battle girl(down): Meditite Lv.27
Battle girl: Breloom Lv.27
Mech Mail
Smoke Ball

Trick house no.5

In this puzzle there are 5 quiz-robots (mechadolls). Each mechadoll asks you one question but if you fail you have'll to start all over, so save after you answer each question. The reward however is good: TM12, Taunt. Here's a list of all the possible questions each mechadoll may ask and their answers:

Mechadoll no.1
  • Q: One of these POKéMON is not found on Route 103. Which one is it?
    A: Nincada
  • Q: One of these POKéMON is not of the GRASS type. Which one is it?
    A: Nincada
  • Q: One of the POKéMON uses SCRATCH. Which one is it?
    A: Nincada
Mechadoll no.2
  • Q: Which POKéMON was offered for a trade at the POKéMON TRAINER'S SCHOOL?
    A: Seedot
  • Q: The DEVON RESEARCHER was looking for what POKéMON in PETALBURG WOODS?
    A: Shroomish
  • Q: In PROF.BIRCH's bag, there were three POKéMON. Which one was at the right?
    A: Mudkip
Mechadoll no.3
  • Q: Sell one ESCAPE ROPE and buy one ANTIDOTE. How much money remains?
    A: ¥175
  • Q: Which costs more? Three POKéBALLS or one SUPER POTION?
    A: Super Potion
  • Q: Do one FUL HEAL and GREAT BALL cost more than one REVIVE?
    A: They will cost less
Mechadoll no.4
  • Q: RUSTBORO GYM LEADER ROXANNE used a GEODUDE. Was it male or female?
  • Q: The first TRAINER in DEWFORD TOWN was male or female?
    A: Female
  • Q: In DEWFORD HALL, were there more men or women?
    A: Males
Mechadoll no.5
  • Q: How many signs are there in LILYCOVE CITY?
    A: 8
  • Q: How many people give you BERRIES at the PRETTY PETAL flower shop?
    A: 1
  • Q: How many BIKES does RYDEL have on display outside his cycle shop?
    A: 8
Trickhouse no.5
TM12 (Taunt)

Trick house no.6

This is one or the trickiest puzzles. Just follow the moves below pushing the proper fence and you will be out ot there before you know it (when saying "push -number- up/down/left/right" it means "push slide -number- up/down/left/right", if you don't do it correctly you'll end up trapped, if you make a mistake go outside and re-enter the room): 1 up, 2 up, 3 right, 4 right, 3 down, 5 up, 6 up, 5 left, 5 down, 7 down, 8 down, 8 left, 9 right, 9 down, 7 left, 8 down, 9 right, 10 left, 5 up, (to get the item: 11 up, 11 down) 12 up, 13 down, 12 left, 13 right and done!

Trickhouse no.6
PKMN Ranger(boy): Cacturne Lv.39
Bird keeper: Swellow Lv.36,Xatu Lv.36,Pelipper Lv.36
PKMN Ranger(girl): Swablu Lv.38, Roselia Lv.38
Glitter Mail

Trick house no.7

This is another hard puzzle, but it will be easy if you follow the diagram below. When you see a green box: switch on a lever, when the box is red: switch it off, if there is no box leave it as is. The yellow-coloured point is where you start and the green point at the top teleports you to the green point at the bottom. Also use the PP Max wisely; it's a very rare and useful item.

Trickhouse no.7
Psychic(male): Kadabra Lv.41,Solrock Lv.41
Hex Maniac: Banette Lv.42
Psychic(female): Kirlia Lv.40,Kadabra Lv.40,Xatu Lv.40
Tropic Mail
PP Max

Trick house no.8

This is the last puzzle and becomes available only after you beat the Elite Four and the Champion. It's hard because the floor is slipery but using our diagram below, it turns out to be very easy. Note: the Bead Mail is unique and cool, don't throw it away!

Trickhouse no.8
Cooltrainer(male-up): Mawile Lv.46,Starmie Lv.46
Cooltrainer(female): Lairon Lv.45,Manectric Lv.45
Cooltrainer(male-down): Sableye Lv.44,Medicham Lv.44,Sharpedo Lv.44
Bead Mail
Sapphire: Blue Tent
Ruby: Red Tent

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