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Demo code to be distributed in Taiwan and Hong Kong: Distribution to begin on October 22

神奇超龍   2014-10-21T13:10:02+01:00

Nintendo HK will distribute demo code starting from October 22 and end on November 28 or until stocks run out.

M17 coming to Australian and New Zealand cinemas Nov. 8th: New theatrical trailer released

Pokemaster97   2014-10-21T05:10:07+01:00

A recently released theatrical trailer revealed that Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction will be coming to select Australian and New Zealand cinemas beginning on November 8th.

Additional demo code distribution methods for US announced: Pokémon newsletter to be delivered tomorrow

G50   2014-10-21T03:10:39+01:00

Additional demo code distribution methods have been announced for the US. The Pokémon newsletter for the first method of demo code distribution will be sent out tomorrow.

V-Jump December issue features Gaia Volcano, Tidal Storm: New details known about previously revealed cards

Maverick Nate   2014-10-20T17:10:39+01:00

The December 2014 issue of V-Jump magazine has provided further details on cards revealed earlier on the official card website. Now able to be translated is Tidal Storm's Crawdaunt, a Darkness-type Pokémon printed as a Holofoil Rare. The expansions will be released on December 13.

Shiny Gengar now available in Australia and New Zealand: Diancie to be available later

SnorlaxMonster   2014-10-15T11:10:40+01:00

Serial codes for a Shiny Gengar holding a Gengarite are now available at EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, Target and Big W stores in Australia and New Zealand from Oct. 15 until Nov. 5.

Official site updates with XY5: Also includes look at Mega Diancie-EX

Maverick Nate   2014-10-15T05:10:09+01:00

With the reveal in November CoroCoro, the official card database has updated with new information on the upcoming Japanese expansion Gaia Volcano/Tidal Storm, the Super Legend Set, and the promotional Mega Diancie-EX pack. New cards revealed include the two Diancie promos, Honedge, Crawdaunt, Marill, Meditite, and the full families for the Hoenn Starters. The main expansion will be released in Japan December 13.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire soundtrack CD announced for Japan: Six-disc set will include music from the remakes and original games

Zesty Cactus   2014-10-15T05:10:03+01:00

A music CD release of the soundtrack from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has been announced in Japan.

No new Mega Evolution patch for X or Y players: X and Y won't receive Primal Groudon/Kyogre either

LDEJRuff   2014-10-15T03:10:15+01:00

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are not going to receive a patch for the new Mega Evolutions or Primal forms of Groudon or Kyogre.

Mega Glalie and Mega Steelix revealed: XY touchscreen features to return in the PokéNav Plus

Water Max   2014-10-14T17:10:42+01:00

Following the October 2014 CoroCoro leaks, the Official Press Site of the Pokémon Company International has shown the artwork of Mega Glalie and Mega Steelix, announced the features of the improved version of PokéNav, called the PokéNav Plus and has given more information about the topics included in the October 2014 CoroCoro issue. Although the artwork of Mega Glalie and Mega Steelix have been shown, no other information about them is official available yet.

Mega Diancie Box coming Jan. 14: Box contains Mega Diancie-EX promo

Maverick Nate   2014-10-14T14:10:29+01:00

Another TCG promotional box will be available in January 2015. The Mega Diancie Box, to be released Jan. 14, will include a special Mega Diancie-EX promotional card as both a Jumbo and regular sized card, a Diancie playmat, Diancie pin, and 5 booster packs. The promo originates from a Japanese product containing both Diancie-EX and Mega Diancie-EX.

Gallade-EX Box announced for January: 4 packs, Gallade-EX promo, Jumbo, code card

Maverick Nate   2014-10-14T10:10:27+01:00

A new TCG product has been announced for English release in January 2015. The Gallade-EX Box will contain an exclusive Gallade-EX promo, Gallade-EX Jumbo promo, 4 booster packs, and a code card to unlock the promotional card on the online card game. The box will retail for $20.00.

XY5 Starters, Kyogre-EX, Groudon-EX revealed in CoroCoro: Sets to focus on specific types each

Maverick Nate   2014-10-11T22:10:54+01:00

The upcoming Japanese expansion, Gaia Volcano/Tidal Storm, is featured in next month's issue of CoroCoro. Revealed in the issue are the featured Pokémon-EX for each side, Kyogre-EX and Groudon-EX, and the three Stage 2 starters. Also revealed is that the expansions will each feature specific types to fit the themes of land and sea. Gaia Volcano will feature Fire, Fighting, and Metal-type Pokémon more prominently, while Tidal Storm will feature the Water, Darkness, and Fairy types moreso.

Camp Pokémon coming to iOS: Application to be free download

SnorlaxMonster   2014-10-11T09:10:15+01:00

An advertisement for a new iOS application, Camp Pokémon, has been featured in National Geographic Kids.

Shiny Gengar distribution announced for Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Mexico, Finland: Diancie distribution also announced for Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland

G50   2014-10-11T08:10:12+01:00

Shiny Gengar and Diancie event distributions have been announced for Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Shiny Gengar has been announced for Canada and Mexico as well.

Pokémon Day to be held in Singapore: Shiny Gengar to be distributed at the event

Zesty Cactus   2014-10-11T03:10:06+01:00

On October 24, 2014, the Pokémon Day event will be held in Singapore for the first time.

Phantom Forces Prerelease promo to be Bronzong: Promo numbered XY21

Maverick Nate   2014-10-10T15:10:25+01:00

The upcoming Phantom Forces expansion will have Bronzong as its Prerelease promotional card. This promo has alternate artwork exclusively done for the International languages of the card game and is numbered XY Promo 21. It is a reprint of the Bronzong originating from the Japanese Hyper Metal Chain Deck that will be printed in the Phantom Forces expansion. Prerelease tournaments will happen for the two weekends preceding the release date of November 5.

Mega Beedrill, Mega Pidgeot revealed: Player can fly on back of Latios or Latias

SnorlaxMonster   2014-10-10T09:10:33+01:00

The latest edition of CoroCoro has revealed Mega Beedrill and Mega Pidgeot, among other new information.

Pokémon Adventures Ruby & Sapphire chapter to be reissued in Japan: New omnibus volumes to be available in Japanese convenience stores

Zesty Cactus   2014-10-10T04:10:24+01:00

A new series of omnibus volumes featuring the Ruby & Sapphire chapter of Pokémon Adventures is due to be released in Japan.

Iemasa Kayumi passes away at age 80: Voiced 'Professor Rowan' in the Pokémon anime

Adyniz   2014-10-08T10:10:54+01:00

Iemasa Kayumi, the Japanese voice actor for Professor Rowan, passed away on Sept. 30.

Free Booster Pack for Pokémon Trading Card Game Online!: Offer expires October 10

Archaic   2014-10-07T22:10:43+01:00

To celebrate the worldwide release of the Pokémon TCG Online app for the iPad, Bulbagarden is proud to be able to give everyone a free digital booster pack of Pokémon TCG cards, so you can begin playing and collecting right away!

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