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Aegislash to be distributed at 2014 Pokémon World Championships: Knows Egg Move Wide Guard

SnorlaxMonster   2014-07-28T15:07:37+01:00

An Aegislash will be distributed at the 2014 Pokémon World Championships.

Pokémon plans for Gamescom 2014 revealed: Poké Ball pattern Vivillon to be available

SnorlaxMonster   2014-07-28T14:07:28+01:00

Pokémon-related plans for Gamescom 2014 have been revealed. These include distribution of codes to obtain Poké Ball pattern Vivillon, a special message from Junichi Masuda about Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and battles with Shigeki Morimoto.

Details for Pikachu tournament announced: Pikachu must be on each team

G50   2014-07-27T06:07:34+01:00

Details for the tournament that will be featuring Pikachu on all teams has been announced. Pokémon in the tournament must be unevolved and must be able to evolve. Information about upcoming tournaments has also been announced.

Details for Pikachu event distribution at "Pikachu Outbreak!" event announced: Nickname and item depend on location obtained

G50   2014-07-27T05:07:38+01:00

Details for the Pikachu event distribution that will be held at the "Pikachu Outbreak!" event at Minato Mirai in Yokohama, Japan have been announced.

Next batch of English episode titles for 'Pokémon the Series: XY' leaked: Air dates to be revealed later

Adyniz   2014-07-25T11:07:52+01:00

A new batch of English episode titles for Pokémon the Series: XY has been leaked. Air dates to be revealed later.

2015 Play! Pokémon formats announced: New formats to begin September 3

SnorlaxMonster   2014-07-23T10:07:08+01:00

Play! Pokémon has announced that the 2015 Standard format of the Pokémon Trading Card Game will be Boundaries Crossed-on. The new Expanded format will be Black & White-on. These rotations will be put in place on September 3, 2014.

Promos BW77, BW78 listed on Pokémon.com: Though posted, they remain unreleased

Maverick Nate   2014-07-21T17:07:59+01:00

The official Pokémon website has posted into their card database all of the BW Black Star Promos. Revealed in this update were two promotional cards that haven't ever been revealed because they were originally cancelled: Pikachu BW Promo 77 and Raichu BW78. These promotional cards were originally going to be release in the Plasma Freeze Blisters, but were ultimately cancelled and never made available otherwise.

Twelve new XY-P Promos released: Mostly movie related

Maverick Nate   2014-07-19T17:07:06+01:00

With the release of the movie today, a plethora of new XY-P Promotional cards have been released in commemoration of the event. A new campaign started in 7-Elevens with a special promotional pack with one of four possible promotional cards: Skiddo, Dedenne, Klefki, and Carbink. Four movie commemoration sets made their way to the public today, and a new McDonald's Promotion began handing out promos. Additionally, a new PokéTV's AD Pikachu promo has been revealed.

Four XY series episode titles revealed: Shauna, Tierno, Trevor to debut in anime

SnorlaxMonster   2014-07-18T13:07:34+01:00

Four XY series episode titles revealed, including an episode that introduces Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor.

Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions Preview: Pokémon YouTubers give sneak peek

Archaic   2014-07-17T00:07:39+01:00

At the end of June, The Pokémon Company International announced Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions, a special live orchestral concert tour showcasing memorable music from throughout the history of the Pokémon franchise, and featuring all-new musical orchestral arrangements. With only a month to go until the first Symphonic Evolutions concert in Washington, DC on August 15th, exclusive concert preview tracks have been posted to YouTube, with more previews set to be revealed over the coming days.

Furious Fists leaks early in the Netherlands: Details, scans updated regularly

Maverick Nate   2014-07-16T20:07:54+01:00

Next month's English TCG expansion has started leaking to the public. In the Netherlands, Mega Charizard Boxes, each containing three booster packs of the expansion, have been released in bookstores and other locations, with excited shoppers snatching them up almost immediately. With images and videos coming from places like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, the entire setlist has been revealed.

Mega Lucario Collection announced for October: Figure, promo, 4 packs for $20

Maverick Nate   2014-07-15T05:07:53+01:00

A new TCG product has been announced for October. Being released October 3, the Mega Lucario Collection will contain four booster packs, a Lucario promotional card and a Lucario promotional figure. No image is currently available.

Mega Metagross officially announced: Ability confirmed to be Tough Claws

SnorlaxMonster   2014-07-14T15:07:31+01:00

The official Pokémon site has updated and a new trailer has been released. This reveals additional information about Mega Metagross and Mega Diancie, as well as providing clear artwork.

Pikachu Outbreak! at Yokohama Minatomirai event announced: 1000 Pikachu are to appear during the event

Water Max   2014-07-12T22:07:26+01:00

1000 Pikachu will appear in Yokohama Minatomirai from the 9th to 17th August during an event by the name of Pikachu Outbreak! at Yokohama Minatomira. For the duration of this event, places representing Yokohama Minatomirai, such as Pacifico Yokohama, MARK IS Minatomira, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama Cosmo World, and Yokohama Landmark Tower will be covered with Pikachu. For example there will boats and ferris wheels wrapped with Pikachu, Pikachu-themed seaside cottages, and at night, Yokohama Marine Tower will light up in a Pikachu color. Within this event there will be seven separate events at the different locations of Yokohama Minatomirai

Pikachu among seven new XY-P Promos: Cards available August

Maverick Nate   2014-07-11T16:07:10+01:00

The Pokémon official site has posted new details on upcoming promotional cards for the month of August. Several new Pikachu cards will be released at a 'Pikachu Outbreak Chuu!" event held in the Minato Mirai business district in Yokohama. Additionally, 6 promotional reprints of cards will be available at Pokémon Centers throughout the month.

Pokémon Battle Arena Decks announced: To feature Xerneas and Yveltal

SnorlaxMonster   2014-07-11T15:07:17+01:00

The Pokémon Battle Arena Decks, a pair of 60-card decks featuring Xerneas and Yveltal, have been announced.

Japanese 'Super Legend Set' coming in November: Features Xerneas-EX vs Yveltal-EX

Maverick Nate   2014-07-11T15:07:14+01:00

A new TCG product will be released in Japan this November. The 'Super Legend Set Xerneas-EX & Yveltal-EX' will be released November 14, and brings with it a 60 card standard deck, a coin, playmat, damage counters, premium Status Condition markers, deck case, sleeves, and a special poster along with a player's guide. No images are currently available.

Super Speed Double Battle details revealed: Next online competition to require fast thinking

SnorlaxMonster   2014-07-11T14:07:24+01:00

The next online battle competition will be the Super Speed Double Battle. In the Super Speed Double Battle, players get shorter time limits and no team preview for a 3 vs 3 Double Battle.

Shiny Jirachi to be distributed in Japan throughout August: Exclusive to Pokémon Center Tōhoku

SnorlaxMonster   2014-07-11T13:07:53+01:00

Shiny Jirachi will be distributed at the Pokémon Center Tōhoku in Japan throughout August.

Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon to be distributed in Japan: To be available at Pokémon Centers in August

SnorlaxMonster   2014-07-11T13:07:09+01:00

Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon will be distributed at Pokémon Center stores in Japan throughout August.

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