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Influx of Phantom Forces product info surfaces: Set to be released Nov. 5

Maverick Nate   2014-08-23T02:08:39+01:00

The first wave of product information has been released for the upcoming Phantom Forces expansion. As expected, the expansion will feature Theme Decks, boosters, and an Elite Trainer Box, but will also release a Launch Kit and a small, 60-card Collector's Album. The set will be released November 5, 2014.

Korean Rising Fist available Aug 28: Promotional card box available same day

Maverick Nate   2014-08-23T02:08:33+01:00

The third XY Era expansion has been announced for Korean release. The Rising Fist expansion will make its way to Korean audiences on August 28. A Rising Fist promotional card box based on the Japanese Mega Lucario Box is available now and has similar contents to the Japanese release, most notably the promotional Hawlucha-EX. The set is out of 96 cards and will simply be the localized version of the Japanese release.

Battle Arena Deck product image reveals Xerneas, Yveltal Promo: Xerneas to be XY31, Yveltal currently unknown

Maverick Nate   2014-08-22T22:08:56+01:00

The product image for the upcoming Battle Arena Decks: Xerneas vs Yveltal has been released to distributors, revealing the two featured focus cards of the decks. These two new Black Star Promotional cards are Xerneas, numbered XY31, and Yveltal, currently unnumbered (but presumably XY32). The decks will most likely contain the first release of Holofoil Fairy Energy, and will cost a total of $30. The product is described as being for advanced players.

V-Jump magazine to include Gengar Spirit Link promo: Promo numbered 055/XY-P to release in November issue

Maverick Nate   2014-08-22T15:08:56+01:00

V-Jump magazine's November issue will be releasing an exclusive promotional card named 'Gengar Spirit Link', numbered 055/XY-P. This promotional card is a Pokémon Tool that, when attached, allows the player to evolve into Mega Gengar-EX without ending their turn. Phantom Gate, and the English equivalent Phantom Forces, will include other Spirit Link cards that will most likely act the same way as this promo.

Palace Book to be new promo for Palace format tournaments: Unnumbered Palace Book promo replacing Palace Belt

Maverick Nate   2014-08-22T15:08:56+01:00

The official Pokémon card database has posted details on upcoming tournaments for the new season. At the upcoming Fall Battle Festa 2014, three new prints of Victory Ring will be awarded to top finishers. Additionally, the Palace format DP-on tournament will make a return, with the awarded promotional card switching from the Palace Belt to the new Palace Book promo. Palace Book allows the player to draw 3 cards at the expense of ending their turn.

Pokémon Art Academy North American release date announced: Game to release Oct. 24

SnorlaxMonster   2014-08-22T12:08:27+01:00

Pokémon Art Academy will release in North America on Oct. 24, 2014.

Super Rumble and Rumble U on sale in Europe: 33% price reduction from August 21 to August 28

Pokemaster97   2014-08-21T02:08:53+01:00

As it was recently announced by Nintendo of Europe, prices for several Nintendo games have been marked down from August 21st to August 28th as a part of a special commemorative sale for the upcoming Super Smash Bros game.

2014 World Championships winners and finalists announced: Se Jun Park and Andrew Estrada are VGC and TGC masters champions

Water Max   2014-08-19T19:08:57+01:00

The 2014 TCG and VGC Pokémon World Championships took place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. from August 15 to 17 and the winners and finalists of each division have been confirmed by the Pokémon Company International.

The Pokémon Company to announce a new project Aug. 26: Monthly Famitsu to host a live Niconico stream

Adyniz   2014-08-18T06:08:21+01:00

The official Japanese website for Pokémon has announced that a live Niconico stream is scheduled for Aug. 26, stating that a new project is to be announced, which will feature Tsunekazu Ishihara as a special guest.

New English language manga publisher emerges: Shogakukan Asia to continue publication of Pokémon manga in Southeast Asia

Zesty Cactus   2014-08-17T00:08:09+01:00

Big news for Pokémon manga fans - Japanese manga publisher Shogakukan has formed an English language subsidiary located in Singapore and has begun to release Pokémon manga titles.

Fans campaign for Chinese localization of Pokémon games: Over 7000 fans from the Greater China region support petition for localization

神奇超龍   2014-08-16T14:08:29+01:00

With this year's Pokémon World Championship, fans from the Greater China region are rallying for localization of Pokémon games into the Chinese language.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online coming to iOS: To be released later this year

SnorlaxMonster   2014-08-16T04:08:41+01:00

At the 2014 Pokémon World Championships it has been revealed that the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online will be ported to iOS.

Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL announced for Europe: This 3DS XL comes with Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS pre-installed

Water Max   2014-08-14T19:08:57+01:00

Nintendo of Europe has annouced a Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Limited Edition Pack that is to be released in European stores on 3 October. This pack will include a limited edition Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL with Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS pre-installed on it. The Nintendo Official UK Store website has given the pack a price of £209.99.

Pokémon Adventures to be released in Italy: First Italian language Pokémon manga in over a decade

Zesty Cactus   2014-08-14T15:08:23+01:00

Back in fall 2013, Italian manga publisher J-POP e GP Manga announced at the Lucca Comics and Games comic book convention that they would be publishing the Black & White chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga in Italian. Originally projected for a May 2014 release date, the volume has now been confirmed as a release of August 27, 2014.

Details for Diamond Storm tournament announced: Each team must include Diancie

G50   2014-08-14T15:08:07+01:00

Details for the Diamond Storm tournament have been announced. Each team will contain Diancie.

Worlds 2014 Promo leaked on PTCGO: Promo to be Champions Festival

Maverick Nate   2014-08-14T13:08:25+01:00

This year's Worlds promo has been leaked on the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Also released last year, Champions Festival will be issued again to Worlds players at a new promo number and with new artwork, this time featuring different patterns of Vivillon.

Postponed Pokémon XY series episode makes airing debut in South Korea: Currently unknown if it will air in other countries

G50   2014-08-14T05:08:03+01:00

The postponed Pokémon XY series episode An Undersea Place to Call Home! featuring Skrelp and Dragalge recently aired in South Korea on August 8.

Ultra Pro to release new Pokémon Binders: Additional merchandise info surfaces

Maverick Nate   2014-08-14T03:08:07+01:00

Two new Pokémon binders by Ultra Pro have been announced for release in November. For $23.99 each, one binder features Pikachu while the other features Pokémon silhouettes. With this product announcement came additional merchandise information. The upcoming Battle Arena Decks: Xerneas vs Yveltal were given a specific release date of October 22, 2014. These decks will cost $29.99, comes with 20 foil cards, and two promo cards of Xerneas and Yveltal. Several new coins were also released in reissues of previous products.

Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions Giveaway: Two double-passes to give away to lucky readers!

Archaic   2014-08-13T03:08:43+01:00

With just a few days to go until the first concerts in Washington, DC, we're proud to be able to give away two double passes to the Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions concert at 8pm this Saturday.

Mega Audino and Slowbro revealed: Korean Pokémon site quickly removes pages

SnorlaxMonster   2014-08-12T10:08:53+01:00

The official Korean Pokémon site has revealed Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino.

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