TCG Articles, Card and Deck Reviews

Well known Trading Card Game experts, like the famous Greek player "Trapper", review single cards and complete decks for your enjoyment. Reviews of historical cards and decks teach the new players the history of the game and help the older players remember the old days.

We are currently looking for a Pokémon TCG player, with good knowledge of the current metagame and the newer cards for a weekly column.
Retired players that can write general articles about the TCG are welcome too.

Duo of the Week: Gyarados - Salamence
Comments (0) | 02/08/2008 | Viewed 8 times.
Duo of the Week: Kyogre - Manaphy
Comments (0) | 16/07/2008 | Viewed 7 times.
Duo of the Week: Dusknoir - Bronzong
Comments (1) | 10/07/2008 | Viewed 8 times.
Duo of the Week: Swellow - Crobat
Comments (0) | 27/05/2008 | Viewed 3 times.

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